Kim Kardashian Did NOT Fire “Hot Staffer” To “Save Marriage,” Despite Claim

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Kim Kardashian Staff

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Staff

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Kim Kardashian did not fire a “hot staffer” to “save [her] marriage” to Kanye West, despite a new report. The claim, which comes from one the tabloids, gives a completely wrong reason for why the reality star and assistant Stephanie Shepherd cut ties. Gossip Cop can correct the record.

According to the National Enquirer, a “paranoid” Kardashian “canned” her assistant and is “shaking up” her staff, all in an effort so that West “doesn’t stray,” following him and Shepherd “getting too chummy.” A so-called “source” tells the supermarket tabloid, “Kim’s suspicions peaked when she noticed Steph and Kanye were texting, talking and meeting.” While the magazine maintains Kardashian “confronted them, and both denied anything was going on,” the outlet adds she was still “on alert.”

To that end, asserts the publication’s source, Kardashian “got rid of Steph and told Kanye that he’s the next to go, unless he keeps his eyes on her alone.” The purported insider also alleges Kardashian is now refusing to hire anyone who’s “even remotely attractive,” noting she’s “looking for men and dowdy and overweight women.” The tipster even claims Kardashian “warned her sisters not to wear revealing outfits when Kanye’s around.”

Consider the ridiculousness of the allegation: Kardashian and West have been together for years, but suddenly now she’s supposedly concerned about her sisters wear in front of her husband. What’s more absurd is that the publication claims Kardashian’s alleged paranoia about West cheating began after “transgender model’s Amanda Lepore implications… that she’d bedded the randy rapper.” The National Enquirer is using a false rumor about West and Lepore from July to explain why Kardashian axed her assistant, Shepherd, months later. There is no logic to that.

Arguably, Shepherd did get too close to someone, but it wasn’t West. As seen on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” in October, Kardashian questioned her assistant’s relationship with Kourtney. Amid concerns about professionalism, Kardashian and Shepherd ended up parting ways in November when it became clear she wasn’t a good fit for a larger role in the reality star’s company. It had nothing to do with West and no reputable publication ever suggested it did.

It seems the tabloid just wanted to go the scandalous route and put a salacious spin on a pretty basic turn of events. A Kardashian contact even deemed this angle a “joke,” but Gossip Cop doesn’t think it’s a particularly funny one.

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