Kim Kardashian NOT Filming Birth Of Second Child, Despite Report

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Kim Kardashian Filming Birth Baby

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian Filming Birth Baby


Kim Kardashian does not want her second child’s birth filmed, despite yet another completely made-up story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. Kardashian’s rep tells us the report is entirely “false.”

According to one of HollywoodLife’s seemingly fabricated sources, Kardashian is going to have the birth of her and Kanye West’s second child, a boy, “filmed in some way.” The webloid’s so-called “source” adds, Kardashian “wants to capture every glorious moment of her life on camera – and this will be one of them.” The site then fills the rest of its post with how Kardashian announced her pregnancy on “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” and how she’s taken selfies throughout her pregnancy.

There is not another word about Kardashian filming the birth, when and where it will air, or any additional evidence about it. Want to know why?

It’s simple. Much like many other stories written by Hollywoodlies about Kardashian, this one about her filming the birth is also 100 percent untrue. Earlier, Gossip Cop exposed the webloid for manufacturing a completely fictitious tale about Kardashian wanting to have North in the delivery room when the reality star gives birth to her second child. That, too, was a complete lie.

Regardless of the fabrications the webloid churns out to deceive readers (and presumably search engines), Kim Kardashian’s rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop that talk of her filming her birth to air in any manner is “false.” Once again, Gossip Cop asks: Who do you believe, a site that’s been busted repeatedly for making up stories that bear out to be lies over time, or Gossip Cop and Kardashian’s camp?

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Kim Kardashian wants the birth of her second baby to be filmed.


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