Kardashians Fighting Over Scott Disick Visiting Lamar Odom Is FALSE

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By Michael Lewittes |

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Kim Kardashian and Khloe are not fighting with Kourtney over whether Scott Disick can visit Lamar Odom, despite a claim made up by a webloid that’s using a tragedy to fabricate stories and profit off it. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this vile report. Kim Kardashian’s own rep confirms to us that the story is “absolutely false.”

HollywoodLife, a site that’s called out virtually every day for lying, alleges that while Odom fights for his life in a Las Vegas hospital, Kim and Khloe are battling with Kourtney over Disick visiting the comatose former basketball star. According to the webloid, “Kourtney wants Scott to see Lamar,” but “Kim and Khloe are not on board.”

Insanely, the sloppy blog then contradicts itself with one of its made-up sources saying, “Kourtney doesn’t want Scott in Vegas where he can go off the rails.” Huh?

The uninformed webloid then notes that Odom’s drug overdose may have been a “wakeup call” for Disick, who the site “reports” checked into Malibu rehab center “less than one day after Lamar was found unconscious.” That’s also NOT true. Disick entered a treatment facility weekend, days before Odom was found unresponsive in a Nevada brothel.

Despite the fact that the whole story is clearly a collection of falsehoods and sloppy reporting, Gossip Cop checked in with Kim’s rep, who exclusively tells us the latest from HollywoodLies is “absolutely false.”

Of course, we’re not surprised there’s nothing truthful in the webloid’s story. Earlier on Thursday, Gossip Cop corrected the unreliable blog, which claimed Odom’s daughter Destiny had tweeted a number of heartwrenching messages about her dad. As Gossip Cop exclusively reported, the tweets came from a fake Destiny Odom Twitter handle, and moments after our story was posted, the impostor shut down the account.

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The Kardashians are fighting over whether Scott Disick can visit Lamar Odom.


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