A "super fit" Kim Kardashian is "fed up" with "lazy" Kanye West and his weight, at least according to a certain webloid with a history of making up stories about the couple. Now Gossip Cop has excusively learned this latest tale is untrue, too.

RadarOnline is claiming, "Kim Kardashian has told Kanye West: Get in shape now! The super-fit reality star is fed up with his reluctance to go to the gym." The reality star has often spoken about taking time to work out before her kids get up, but it's being alleged she's "annoyed that her husband does not show the same dedication to staying in shape." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Kanye claims he's happy like this, but Kim knows he doesn't mean that. He's not been comfortable with his body in years, if ever while they've been together, and she's begging him to do something about it."

"And now his famous wife has had enough and wants him to make a commitment," maintains the outlet, particularly since the rapper's "flubby body is not doing much for their sex life." Contends the supposed snitch, "There's their love life to consider, of course, plus Kim does find it embarrassing and kind of insulting that she's bust[ing] her a** getting into shape while he's this slob." The online publication's purported tipster adds, "This isn't about him getting surgery but changing his routine and committing to a radical lifestyle change."

The webloid concludes by asserting that "now that they are about to have their third child via a surrogate he needs to get in shape ASAP." Gossip Cop isn't sure what West putting on a few pounds has to do with having another baby. And we suspect this article was only crafted because the performer was recently photographed looking heavier, leading to some cruel mockery on social media. After all, by using those photos as inspiration, this angle fits right into RadarOnline's years-long narrative about Kardashian being unhappy in her marriage.

And whenever possible, the site spins anything and everything into a problem for the couple. The real problem, of course, isn't with Kardashian and West but the outlet's "reporting." After dozens of inaccurate posts about a looming divorce, the stars remain committed to one another... no matter their size or shape. And while Kardashian no doubt wants her husband to be healthy, we're told she's in no way demanded he lose weight or accused him of being "lazy." Like countless other examples readily available in our archives, a rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop this story is "false."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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