Kim Kardashian “Fed Up” With Kanye West Report Is NOT True

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Kim Kardashian Marriage Kanye West

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian Marriage Kanye West

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Kim Kardashian is not “fed up” with Kanye West, nor is she being “pushed” to the edge of divorce, and their marriage is not “rocky,” despite an entirely made-up report by a webloid that has repeatedly been caught fabricating stories. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this collection of falsehoods. We’re told it’s “not true at all.”

According to the continually discredited RadarOnline, after West’s nearly eight-minute rant on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Kardashian is at the “end of her rope” with her husband. The webloid alleges she’s “tired of defending” West. “It’s frustrating for [Kardashian] and makes the reality of a divorce seem more possible,” claims the outlet’s so-called source, who in reality is completely misguided or possibly manufactured.

Even though Kardashian tweeted, “Proud of my baby @kanyewest on @theellenshow #KanyeonEllen,” following his appearance on the talk show, illogically the outlet claims the reality star’s message was “all just for show.” Divorce is “looming closer and closer,” alleges the site, before its seemingly concocted source adds that Kardashian is “nearing her breaking point.”

In January, RadarOnline wrongly reported that Kardashian and West were renewing their vows in Paris, and Gossip Cop exclusively and accurately corrected the site. When that tact apparently didn’t work, the webloid in February falsely claimed Kardashian met with a divorce lawyer. Once again, Gossip Cop busted them for publishing yet another untruth. A barrage of similarly inaccurate tales about them being “on the rocks” ensured, culminating with Kardashian’s rep exclusively assuring Gossip Cop, “They are not getting divorced.” Still, in April, the blog published a phony account about Kardashian and West being “separated.”

Not one of those stories were true, and the same goes for the newest article. Kardashian and West are happy together, despite what the miserably reported RadarOnline claims. Gossip Cop is once again exclusively told by an insider that the webloid’s most recent post is “not true at all.” If you want facts, come to Gossip Cop. If you want fiction, you now know where you can find plenty of it.

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