A story claiming Kim Kardashian "fears" Kanye West will have "another breakdown" when he tours again is untrue. And not only is the allegation false, but Gossip Cop has also confirmed the report was made up.

"Kim Kardashian Fears Kanye West May Have Another Breakdown If He Starts Touring Again," reads a headline from HollywoodLife, which claims to have "EXCLUSIVELY learned why the reality star is worried." The contentions in the story are based on a so-called "Calabasas insider." What the heck is a "Calabasas insider"? Someone who happens to live in the same zip code?

This specious source is quoted as saying, "Kanye is really excited about going back on the road touring and his overconfidence is freaking out his wife Kim. She worked her ass off to put him back together after his last tour failure... and now he is flirting with disaster." The purported snitch adds to the site, "With two little ones at home, and more hopefully on the way, she doesn't know if she can go through another Kanye meltdown."

It's curious that the webloid's tipster supposedly said there's "hopefully" more kids on the way for the couple because days before this article was published, the outlet had a "source" insisting Kardashian's surrogate was pregnant with twins. If HollywoodLies had real "insiders" and "sources" one would expect them to be consistent. What's also notable is that it's obvious the publication hasn't really confirmed whether West is indeed planning to tour again.

The impetus for this story about Kardashian's supposed "fears" was a TMZ report on Thursday that said West's camp is interested in going on the road again in 2018, but he has yet to give the "green light." Throughout its own piece HollywoodLies makes specific reference to those claims, making it clear this related article is based on that one. But it's rather odd that the site is claiming to know Kardashian's reaction to the allegations when it hasn't independently verified whether they're even true.

In any case, it all boils down to the same issue: Those truly close to Kardashian are not talking to HollywoodLies. Gossip Cop has confirmed this again and again. And we're even exclusively told now by a spokesperson that this "exclusive" about the reality star "freaking out" about West touring again is "false." If and when the rapper decides to tour again, Kardashian will likely make her feelings known, as she's been vocal about his past concerts. Until then, HollywoodLife's inaccurate, manufactured stories should be dismissed.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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