Kim Kardashian Again Falsely Accused Of Faking Pregnancy By Same Site That Claimed She Was Pregnant In January

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Kim Kardashian Faking Pregnancy

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Faking Pregnancy

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This is rich. Kim Kardashian is being accused of faking her pregnancy for the third time this month by the same site that wrongly claimed she was pregnant in January.

Yes, we are talking about MediaTakeOut, otherwise known as MediaFakeOut. Back in January of this year, the webloid alleged that it was “confirmed” Kardashian was pregnant, and even said she was set to make “announcement as early as TOMORROW.” Of course, “tomorrow” came and went, as the story was completely made up, just like MediaTakeOut’s laughably wrong pregnancy report last November, and the one they posted in January 2014.

But now that Kardashian IS pregnant, MediaTakeOut is convinced she isn’t. In the weeks since the star’s actual, legitimate, real pregnancy news, the outlet has repeatedly claimed she’s faking it, and has a secret surrogate carrying her baby. Gossip Cop has already busted the allegation twice, and Kardashian herself has even shot it down.

And yet MediaTakeOut had the audacity to publish a new post on Friday, again attempting to convince, or rather trick, readers into believing Kardashian is lying. “Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Is SO FAKE!! Her STOMACH Is FLAT At Five Months… But Her Hips And AZZ Are SPREADING!” the webloid exclaimed in a headline. MTO’s joke writers went on to say, “ told you before that Kim’s pregnancy is FRAUDULENT – and that she has a SURROGATE carrying her child. It’s now becoming MORE CLEAR. Kim is telling folks that she’s almost FIVE months pregnant – but where is her STOMACH AT??? Her last pregnancy she was CLEARLY SHOWING by five months.”

In attempt to prove its claims, MediaTakeOut posted a photo of Kardashian from when she was purportedly five months along with North, and new pictures taken in France this week. Of course, it’s all meaningless. In the new snapshots, Kardashian is wearing a loose-fitting shirt with a belt over her stomach, making it impossible to see her bump, which, oh yeah, was clearly visible earlier this month (see photo above).

Furthermore, Kardashian has indeed been putting on pounds during this second pregnancy, but apparently no one on staff at MediaTakeOut knows that weight gain, even during pregnancy, can show up on different parts of the body. Additionally, Kardashian has said she’s making a concerted effort this time around to eat healthy and not indulge the way she did with her first pregnancy, during which she had donuts every single morning. And yet if Kardashian had a bigger belly right now, odds are MediaTakeOut would be body-shaming her for looking larger.

Clearly, Kardashian can’t win. And look no further than this particular idiocy: Earlier this month, MediaTakeOut said Kardashian’s “baby bump is finally showing” but supposedly only due to a “prosthetic” belly. NOW the webloid says she isn’t showing at all, and doesn’t even mention a prosthetic. MTO can’t even keep its lies straight. The site has a fertile imagination, but that’s about it.


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