Kim Kardashian Takes Shot At Fake Split Stories With Kanye West Birthday Tribute

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Kim Kardashian Fake Split Stories

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Fake Split Stories


Kim Kardashian took a shot at fake news about a split from Kanye West on Thursday in her birthday tribute for her husband. See her message below.

More often than not, the gossip media falsely claims Kardashian and West are on the verge of a divorce. All movements, actions, comments and tweets or lack thereof are twisted into evidence of an impending split. That’s still the case even though the couple just celebrated their third wedding anniversary last month.

Now on West’s birthday, Kardashian purposefully posted a tribute to the rapper on her website and social media, even though she knows he’s abstaining from Internet use right now. She pointedly noted that she was sharing it online regardless, because she knows if she were to not address his special day on social media, that would no doubt be sensationalized into “stories.” Outlets that traffic in fake news would use the lack of a public birthday message to claim Kardashian “ignored” the occasion and a breakup must be nearing.

And so, she wrote, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE! I KNOW YOU’RE NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA ANYMORE, SO YOU’RE NOT GONNA SEE IT ANYWAY — AND I’M GOING TO BE WITH YOU TO TELL YOU! BUT IF I DON’T POST IT, THEN ALL THE STORIES WILL START SO… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Kardashian’s comment shows a keen understanding of how the rumor mill works. It also serves to confirm, as Gossip Cop has accurately reported, that she and West are still happily together.

One of the outlets that has repeatedly wrongly claimed to the contrary is RadarOnline, which even this week twisted the couple’s family vacation to the Bahamas. While they went to celebrate West’s 40th birthday milestone, the webloid falsely claimed in two separate stories that the trip was about “saving their marriage.” That untrue narrative comes just a few weeks after Gossip Cop busted the site for untruthfully alleging West and Kardashian were secretly separated. It’s quite obvious Kardashian’s birthday tribute for West is a message to webloids and tabloids like Radar.

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