Kim Kardashian “Expecting Baby #3” Story Is Clickbait

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Kim Kardashian Baby Three

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Baby Three

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Kim Kardashian is not “already expecting baby #3,” but a certain outlet is trying to dupe readers into thinking she may be pregnant. Gossip Cop can expose what’s really going on.

“Baby Bombshell! Kim Kardashian Reveals Plans To Expand Her Family With Kanye West Amid Divorce Rumors,” blares Star on its website, before asking, “Are Kim and Kanye already expecting baby #3?” The accompanying photo gallery teases readers with the possibility that Kardashian is pregnant.

The first slide reads, “Kim Kardashian hates being pregnant — but may be adding to her family to save her marriage!” After clicking, the article continues, “The 35-year-old revealed to Women’s Wear Daily that her and Kanye West are planning to grow their family — with some input from 3-year-old North West!”

But it’s only after clicking one more that readers find out Kardashian spoke about getting a DOG. Her comments to Women’s Wear Daily had NOTHING to do with “baby #3.” The interview also didn’t have anything to do with “sav[ing] her marriage.”

Rather than deliver a straight-forward news story on Kardashian’s chat, Star opted to package it in a totally misleading way, just to score traffic. And the blatant manipulation comes from the same tabloid that said Kardashian and West were getting a $1 billion divorce earlier this month. Clearly the magazine likes tricking readers in print AND online.

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