Kim Kardashian Does NOT Have Endometriosis, Despite Fake News Story

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Kim Kardashian endometriosis illness

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian endometriosis illness

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Kim Kardashian does not have a “mystery illness,” and the new claim that she has endometriosis is not true. For a little more than a week, RadarOnline has teased that the reality star is suffering from a “mystery illness,” and on Monday the webloid exclaimed that the “horrible” ailment could finally be “revealed.” But the only thing that untrustworthy site revealed is that Kardashian is the subject of yet another fake news story.

After the repeatedly discredited outlet alleges in its latest article that Kardashian has the “debilitating reproductive disease known as endometriosis,” it quotes a so-called “insider” as saying the reality star’s “been experiencing terrible pain.” The webloid then notes, “Endometriosis causes tissue to grow outside the uterus, leading to ‘severe’ pain for the victim,” and “the disorder can become a complicating factor in infertility.”

OK, but that’s then followed by NINE paragraphs that focus on Kardashian’s Paris robbery and Kanye West’s hospitalization, and have nothing to do with endometriosis. Finally, the webloid returns to its baseless allegation, and has its seemingly made-up “insider” claim, “Kim is following her doctor’s orders and working through it, but a lot of people around her are scared.”

Incredibly, it actually gets worse from there. After Gossip Cop shamed RadarOnline for previously not fact-checking with Kardashian’s rep, the site finally decided to get a comment, and her spokesperson noted the webloid’s contention that she has endometriosis is “false.” In an effort to deflect that it’s entire story is wrong, the outlet then misleadingly writes, “Top New York internist Dr. Stuart Fischer confirmed endometriosis can be ‘very painful and can be a surgical emergency.”

OK, endometriosis can be painful, but Dr. Fischer did NOT confirm Kardashian has it. Dr. Fischer also has NOT treated Kardashian. So, what has Dr. Fischer done? Well, he created what’s known as “The Park Avenue Diet,” a weight-loss program that has NOTHING to do with endometriosis.

As Gossip Cop exclusively reported last week, Kardashian does not have a “mystery illness.” This new webloid article is simply another example of fake news. And it’s a particularly disturbing one, because it pertains to a medical ailment. The only sick thing here is how the epidemic of fake news has grown on the web.

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