Kim Kardashian “Eats Human Flesh During Satanic Rituals” Is Fake News

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Kim Kardashian Eats Human Flesh

By Andrew Shuster |

Kim Kardashian Eats Human Flesh

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A former nanny for the Kardashian family did not claim that Kim Kardashian “eats human flesh during daily Satanic rituals,” despite an absurd report from a site that publishes fake news. Gossip Cop can set the record straight on this nonsense.

The unreliable blog Neon Nettle claims to have spoken with a woman named Nancy Jenkinson, who was supposedly hired by the reality star and her husband Kanye West to look after their daughter North, but was fired six months later. According to the site, Jenkinson revealed that Kardashian is a “high-ranking Illuminati insider” who she regularly witnessed “drinking blood and consuming various human body parts as she worshipped Satan.”

Jenkinson is further quoted as saying that West is oblivious to the “dark forces” surrounding his wife because he’s “in a trance.” The so-called “nanny” adds, “Kim started controlling his mind… in an attempt to push him up the Illuminati ladder.” The outlet also maintains that the woman spoke about the family’s “terrifying pet jackal” that attacked all of their guests. “The only visitor it didn’t attack was Jay-Z,” Jenkinson is quoted as saying. “It loved him for some reason and would sit at his feet and lick his hands.”

Back in the real world, however, as far as Gossip Cop can tell, there’s no woman named Nancy Jenkinson who has ever worked as a nanny for the Kardashian family. Instead, the site was inspired to dream up this tall tale because Kardashian admitted to eating her placenta when her son Saint was born. It should be noted, the reality star didn’t actually consume the raw organ, but had it freeze-dried into pill form.

Regardless, as embarrassing as it was to ask Kardashian’s rep, we did since we fact-check every story, and Gossip Cop can confirm that the site’s alleged interview with the (nonexistent) former Kardashian nanny was completely fabricated. An online search of the quotations will not yield results from any respected outlets. In fact, a search for “Nancy Jenkinson” comes up with a story about the 12 most ridiculous conspiracy theories about Kardashian.

Additionally, Neon Nettle has a habit of claiming that various celebrities secretly worship the devil, including Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence. This latest article is equally untrue and absurd. This, however, should comes as no surprise since outlet is known as a fake news website.

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