Kim Kardashian “Dumped While 7 Months Pregnant,” Says Tabloid

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Kim Kardashian Dumped Pregnant

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian Dumped Pregnant

(Life And Style)

Kim Kardashian has not been “dumped” while pregnant with her and Kanye West’s second child, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. A rep for Kardashian tells us it’s “not true.”

According to Life & Style, West has left his wife, who’s carrying their second child, a son. The tabloid alleges Kardashian is “tired of her husband’s selfish, controlling ways,” and when she “threatened to move out of their home,” West kicked her out. The magazine trots out a so-called “source,” who claims, “He has dumped Kim,” who is “devastated,” and the formerly happy couple is now “headed for divorce.”

Naturally in these stories, there’s a “final fight,” which conveniently the tabloid claims to have details about. The magazine alleges Kardashian wanted to just have West change his ways, but when she told him “she’s had it with having to cater to his every whim,” and told him, “I’m leaving since you’re never here anyway,” her ultimatum “backfired.”

Life & Style says West exploded and “sent her packing.” The tabloid’s alleged “insider” is further quoted as saying, “She’s been dumped again, and Kim is pretty much a single mom. She and Kanye are barely speaking, and she’s devastated.”

Of course, this is not the first time Kardashian has been “pregnant and dumped.” Gossip Cop busted the very same tabloid exactly one year ago when it made the same claim. In fact, we’ve corrected that magazine and its sister publication In Touch numerous times when they both have wrongly reported Kardashian was “pregnant and dumped.” Check out the gallery below to see just a few of those entirely fabricated cover stories.

Gossip Cop is joking when it says Kardashian has got to figure out a way to stop getting pregnant or dumped or both. Instead, the tabloids should stop making up lies about her and West. Regardless, Kardashian’s rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop the latest tabloid tale about her being “dumped while 7 months pregnant” is 100 percent “not true.”



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