Kim Kardashian is not "pressuring" Kanye West to drop Tyga from his record label, contrary to a manufactured report. Gossip Cop can exclusively reveal the story was made up, along with several others.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner are currently on a break from their up-and-down relationship. The fabrication factory known as HollywoodLife is using the split, which may just be temporary, to peddle fake news related to the on-and-off couple. Most of these have focused on Jenner and Tyga seemingly moving on with other people, but a fair amount of articles have also been published that focus on her family's reaction to the pair giving each other some distance.

And the webloid's latest angle has specifically fixated on Kardashian and West's alleged involvement. First came a post on Thursday that speculated West would kick Tyga off his G.O.O.D. music label if Jenner asked. That was followed by a story claiming Tyga was "terrified" the rap mogul would indeed cut ties. Next was the article alleging Kardashian was in fact urging West to give him the boot. And then there was an op-ed from one of the site's writers, in which the author insisted West "should fire" Tyga "for the good of the family."

That's four stories published in a single day, much of them comprised of total fiction. HollywoodLies picked a new twist and crafted multiple articles around it, making an entirely original narrative that Google would reward regardless of its accuracy. Yet there's some problems with these tales. Even aside from the possibility Jenner and Tyga will get back together, it makes no sense that West would "cut the cord" because of their current split when he didn't so during last year's brief breakup.

It was nearly a year ago that the couple took its last break, leading to Jenner's dalliance with PartyNextDoor. The webloid said nothing then about Kardashian urging West to dump Tyga from his label for her sister's sake, and said nothing about Tyga being afraid he'd be screwed out of his record deal. Why would things be different now when the same kind of split is going on?

It seems apparent HollywoodLies just wanted to pretend it had insight, and came up with a way to drag Kardashian and West into the Jenner-Tyga saga. But Gossip Cop spoke with a rep for Kardashian about the story claiming she's "pressuring" her husband to drop Tyga from his label. "This is absolutely false," the spokesperson exclusively told us. Additionally, we couldn't find any indication that West is actually considering such a move.

Gossip Cop would be remiss not to mention that this outlet also has a history of falsely claiming to have sources on all four of these stars for various "exclusives" that have proven to be untrue. What's more is that Kardashian's rep has also told us the blog usually doesn't even bother fact-checking with her before running its supposed scoops. Had HollywoodLies taken the time to make sure its information was correct, it wouldn't have published this fake news in the first place. But it's abundantly clear truth-telling is not a priority for the serial fabricators when it can instead exploit a hot topic.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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