Kim Kardashian Still NOT Divorcing Kanye West, Despite Report

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Kim Kardashian Divorcing Kanye West

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Divorcing Kanye West


Kim Kardashian is still not divorcing Kanye West, despite yet another tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can once again exclusively correct the rumor.

The new cover of OK! hit newsstands on Wednesday blaring, “Kim & Kanye: It’s Over! Divorce No. 3 For Kim!” It says inside the issue, “After a miserable drama-filled year of being at each other’s throats, Kim Kardashian is ready to tell Kanye West that their marriage is over.” The article alleges Kardashian has been “mulling” a divorce “for months,” and is now ready to move forward with a formal split.

The breakup is blamed on West’s “crazy spending,” “long absences” from home, “obsessive tinkering” on their estate, and “lax parenting” with their kids. “She’s had the paperwork done for six months and is ready to change the locks at a moment’s notice,” a so-called “pal” is quoted as saying. “She has to blindside him with the divorce because she doesn’t want the chaos of a real discussion about it.”

Still, the supposed source maintains this wasn’t an “overnight decision,” and claims the relationship started falling apart following the birth of their son Saint a year ago. It’s further alleged that the “proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back” was Kardashian’s robbery. The magazine’s tipster contends the reality star remains upset that “he wasn’t there to protect her.”

And, following West’s breakdown, “she realized she didn’t love him anymore,” claims the “pal.” The outlet’s source adds, “Kim doesn’t want to hurt Kanye, especially because he’s so fragile right now. But she’s made up her mind — she’s leaving.”

As it turns out, OK! has left some important things out of this story. It was just two weeks ago that the tabloid, speculating about the possibility of a Kardashian-West split, said she “wants to stand by her man” and “can’t imagine dumping” him. But now the publication wants readers to believe she’s been planning a divorce for six months?

Also not mentioned in this article is the fact that Kardashian and West spent Christmas together as a family, with the rapper even sharing a photo from the festivities on Twitter. The couple has certainly had a trying few months, but for right now, they remain united. Gossip Cop is exclusively told Kardashian has no imminent plans to file for divorce, and the claims in this cover story are “false.” Should anything change in the New Year, we’ll have the accurate details.

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