Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Celebrate Second Wedding Anniversary After Gossip Cop Corrects 21 Divorce Reports

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By Jesse Spero |

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s second wedding anniversary is on Tuesday, and Gossip Cop congratulates the couple on its latest milestone. Earlier in the say, Kardashian wrote on Instagram, “Happy 2 year anniversary to the love of my life! You make me so happy! I love you so much!” But over the last year, Gossip Cop has had to correct an astonishing 21 false divorce and split stories about them. Below are the tabloids and equally unreliable websites we busted for their inaccurate reporting about the state of Kardashian and West’s marriage.

In Touch
One of the worst offenders is In Touch, which seems to have a steady flow of false reports about the couple. In September, the tabloid wrongly declared in a headline, “PREGNANT KIM BETRAYED.” The magazine went on to falsely claim, “Kim catches Kanye with his ex,” all of which we debunked.

In January, the tabloid inaccurately claimed West and Kardashian were renewing their wedding vows in an attempt to save their failing marriage. The next month, magazine manufactured a tale that Kardashian kicked West out of their house following his Twitter feud with Amber Rose. The same month, the outlet also incorrectly published a piece alleging Kardashian had “announced” her divorce from the rapper.

In March, In Touch reported West had left his wife and moved in with Jay Z and Beyonce, which Gossip Cop busted. April saw a false headline claiming Kardashian was dumped on her second anniversary. In addition to the outlet being off-base about a split, the tabloid also got their anniversary date wrong. And in May, Gossip Cop called out the magazine when it untruthfully splashed the words “Finally Over” and “Divorce and Betrayal” on a cover about Kardashian and West.

Life & Style
In Touch’s sister publication Life & Style had its fair share of false stories, too. In September, the magazine wrongly claimed a pregnant Kardashian had been “dumped” by the rapper. In December, the tabloid ran an inaccurate headline that alleged Kardashian was “dumped four days after giving birth” to son Saint West. And in February, Gossip Cop once again debunked the publication for falsely reporting West’s Twitter rants had led the reality star to have a lawyer draw up divorce papers.

Celeb Dirty Laundry
Celebrity Dirty Laundry was caught repeatedly for making up split stories about Kardashian and West. Back in June, the untrustworthy webloid claimed the couple was headed for a split after Kardashian visited her husband at the Glastonbury Festival in England. In November, the outlet falsely blamed Kardashian’s pregnancy hormones as the impetus for an impending (yet nonexistent) divorce. And when Kardashian was spotted without her wedding ring in November, the blog wrongly reported a divorce was on the horizon. Gossip Cop corrected that and all the other concocted tales from the site about the happy couple.

Star falsely claimed in February in a cover story that Kardashian and West were headed to a “$1 billion divorce.” And, as Gossip Cop exclusively reported, the often inaccurate tabloid was 1 billion percent wrong.

RadarOnline has inaccurately trashed the couple’s relationship in numerous false reports. In Feburary, the repeatedly discredited site disgustingly used West and Kardashian’s daughter North in a story that untruthfully claimed the child was crying because of her parents’ supposed marriage problems. In February, Gossip Cop exposed the webloid for making up a story that alleged Kardashian had met with a divorce lawyer because the couple was supposedly “fighting constantly.”Also in February, the outlet incorrectly stated Kardashian was not wearing her wedding ring because of an impending divorce.

March saw another false “divorce” report, which Gossip Cop debunked. Then in April, the webloid seemingly fabricated a story that claimed the star couple had “separated” and “don’t sleep in the same bedroom.” Also in April, the site was decimated by Gossip Cop for absurdly alleging a divorce would happen “in the next two to three weeks” And a day later, we busted the website wrongly reporting a split was coming after Kardashian did not attend the rapper’s performance at Coachella. In May, the outlet again manufactured a yarn claiming a “divorce filing could be soon on the horizon.” Naturally, Gossip Cop set the record straight on each and every one of those falsehoods.

OK! also went after the couple. In March, the tabloid inaccurate claimed Kardashian was considering a “trial separation” from West. This all the previous claims, Gossip Cop busted it as untrue.

Gossip Cop has no doubt the tabloid and the webloids will continue with their inaccurate divorce stories in year three of Kardashian and West’s marriage. We suggest the next time you read one of those inaccurate reports, you click over to Gossip Cop for the truth. In the meantime, Gossip Cop congratulates Kardashian and West on their second anniversary and for proving the lesser outlets wrong day-after-day.

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