Kim Kardashian Has NOT Hired Divorce Lawyer, Despite In Touch Cover Claim

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Kim Kardashian Divorce Lawyer

By Daniel Gates |

Kim Kardashian Divorce Lawyer

(In Touch)

Kim Kardashian has NOT hired a divorce lawyer, despite a new In Touch cover story claiming she and Kanye West are getting divorced after only nine months of marriage. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the report.

The In Touch article is basically just an excuse to run a giant headline with the phrase “$200 Million Divorce” in it. It follows the same basic script as countless previous tabloid stories about Kardashian and West: They appear to be happy in public, but there’s allegedly huge trouble behind the scenes. No real evidence is provided, just phony-sounding quotes from phony-sounding sources.

According to the magazine, Kardashian “sent a trusted representative to hire a divorce attorney” last week. “Though no money has changed hands, it’s clear the attorney has a deal to represent Kim,” claims a so-called “source.” The outlet insists Kardashian has “finally had enough of Kanye’s egotistical, controlling behavior.” An “insider” tells In Touch, “Kim wants to cut her ties with Kanye as quickly as possible.”

Uh-huh. Hey, remember when In Touch declared Kardashian and West’s marriage over “after 58 days” last July? Or when she was “dragged to divorce court” back in December? Because that was an In Touch cover story, too, that Gossip Cop exclusively busted. In Touch has been spreading lies about the Kardashian-West marriage crumbling since the moment the couple tied the knot, and has been regularly misinforming readers about both stars for years. There is NO truth to this latest divorce lawyer report. A rep for Kardashian tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “It’s false. She has not hired a lawyer.”


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