Kim Kardashian Finalized Divorce Agreement From Kanye West NOT True

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Kim Kardashian Divorce Kanye West

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian Divorce Kanye West

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Kim Kardashian has not finalized a “divorce agreement” from Kanye West, despite a totally fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. We’re told the entire story is “absurd.”

According to the repeatedly disproven RadarOnline, Kardashian and West’s marriage is on “life support,” and so they’ve supposedly “hammered out an agreement” to divide their assets and issues related to their two children, North and Saint. The unreliable webloid quotes an ill-informed or completely made-up “insider” saying, “They’ve figured out a mid-nuptial agreement, where Kim gets primary custody of the kids and Kanye holds onto most of his cash.”

The outlet then casually (though incorrectly) claims Kardashian has “grown mistrustful” of West, and is “examining their marriage more closely than ever before.” Naturally, the too often discredited site doesn’t explain why there are alleged trust issues, and instead offers quotes from an unnamed (and possibly fictitious) “insider.” The dubious “insider” gives the couple “credit” for wanting to “figure out arrangements ahead of time.” “They don’t want to have to make any life-altering decisions when they’re super-emotional and not thinking clearly” after splitting up, adds the questionable “insider.”

There’s one slight problem with this and the site’s numerous other seemingly made-up stories: West and Kardashian are happy and not talking divorce. A skeptic might even think that the webloid believes if one tells a lie long enough, people will believe it. But it’s all untrue, regardless of how many times the outlet tries to peddle this phony narrative.

Because of the sheer number of times the webloid has wrongly reported that Kardashian and West were on the verge of divorce, Gossip Cop will just list a few examples. On February 6, 2016, the outlet untruthfully claimed, “Kim secretly enlists [a] top divorce lawyer.” Less than three weeks later, the site falsely stated that Kardashian “left her wedding ring at home this week while out and about in L.A., fueling rumors of a divorce.”

In early March, the increasingly untrustworthy website published photos of Kardashian’s daughter North tumbling to the ground, the way children occasionally do, with the ridiculous headline, “Distracted By Divorce? Kim K Lets North West Fall On Her Face.” And on April 16, the outlet untruthfully claimed how Kardashian was “filing for divorce from Kanye in the next two to three weeks.” Of course, the webloid was wrong then and continues to be wrong about Kardashian and West divorcing.

Could they divorce one day in the distant future? Perhaps, but as of now, there is no indication that Kardashian and West are anything but happy together or that they are going their separate ways. RadarOnline is simply throwing its bogus reports against a wall and seeing what sticks, while trying to garner traffic through whatever means it can.

Regardless, Gossip Cop once again fact-checked the site’s latest claim about a “divorce agreement” being hammered out. And a rep for Kardashian exclusively tells us the webloid’s entire story about a “mid-nuptial agreement” and her relationship with West being “on life support” is 100 percent “absurd.”

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Kim Kardashian has finalized a divorce agreement from Kanye West.

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