Kim Kardashian “Diva” And Acting Like “Queen” Story Exposed

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Kim Kardashian Diva Queen

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Diva Queen

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Kim Kardashian is wrongly accused of being a “diva” who acts like she’s a “queen” in a new report from an outlet with a well-documented anti-Kardashian agenda. This is just the latest story seemingly based on misinformed, or even non-existent, sources, and all the pieces are designed to smear the star.

RadarOnline exclaims in a so-called “exclusive” on Saturday, “‘Horrible’ Kim Kardashian’s Diva Demands Exposed!” The widely-discredited site goes on to write that while Kardashian “may seem like the picture of sweetness to fans,” she’s actually a “haughty, demanding, tantrum-throwing diva!” The disreputable webloid describes the reality star as “unbearably picky with her household staff and anyone else who has to serve her.”

“She orders people around like they’re her subjects and she’s the queen,” a so-called “insider” claims. The supposed snitch goes on to allege Kardashian is “horrible to be with at the moment as she never has anything nice to say. It’s impossible to have any interaction with her at the moment without some kind of passive aggressive insult being thrown at you. She’s really changed — and not for the best.”

There’s bizarre examples given, like the tipster saying Kardashian “is so vain that she has staff remove plants or objects if they’re in the way of a mirror,” and that she’ll “send food back if there’s a drop of sauce out of place.” But there’s two important things to note.

This is all coming from the same outlet that has been claiming since February that a divorce is imminent for Kardashian and Kanye West, an allegation based on these “family insiders.” And this is the same webloid that just this week actually called Saint West, at 5 months old, a “spoiled brat.” Again: He is 5 MONTHS OLD. It’s quite clear what RadarOnline’s motivations are, and it’s certainly not truth-telling.

The site has simply found a way to profit off making Kardashian and her family look bad, accuracy be damned. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed by others. One ACTUAL source Gossip Cop spoke to on Saturday astutely noted, “They just create narratives all day long.” Yes, RadarOnline does, and we’ve seen that a lot lately with Beyonce and Jay Z, too. As for this new “diva” tale about Kardashian, we’re exclusively told by a spokesperson, “It’s all false.”


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