Kim Kardashian Called “Disgusting” By RadarOnline Over Psoriasis

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Kim Kardashian Disgusting RadarOnline

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Disgusting RadarOnline

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Kim Kardashian was called “disgusting” by RadarOnline on Saturday for having psoriasis. Seriously.

Kardashian, who has spoken openly over the years about suffering from the skin condition, appeared to have a small breakout on her lower right leg when she stepped out in Las Vegas on Friday. It’s a common affliction, but one that makes many people feel insecure. And this is how RadarOnline chose to spin it: “Gross! ANOTHER Wardrobe Malfunction For Kim! Kardashian Shows Off DISGUSTING Rash In Vegas.”

Having visible psoriasis, of course, is not a “wardrobe malfunction,” but the webloid also goes on to deem it a “fashion faux pas.” The site writes, “North and Saint’s mom had a nasty rash on her leg, and didn’t bother to cover it up!” The outlet goes on to acknowledge that Kardashian has psoriasis, but still saw fit to make fun of her for it.

And now RadarOnline’s own commenters are calling them out. “Radar your[‘e] disgusting to try and make a story out of this. She has psoriasis, that’s something she has no control over. She shouldn’t feel ashamed or need to cover it up nor should anyone else,” one person wrote. Another stated, “Kim K has psoriasis. Something she cannot control. How is that disgusting?”

A different individual remarked, “This is so stupid. She has psoriasis which millions of people have. Great job radar on calling people with psoriasis disgusting!” And someone else even said, ‘I can’t stand her by any means, but this is ridiculous. She’s gross, but calling psoriasis gross is what causes so many people to feel even worse about a condition they are already ashamed of.”

Gossip Cop agrees with these observations. It’s obvious RadarOnline strongly dislikes Kardashian, given the amount of negative stories they post about her every day (while still trying to capitalize on the traffic value of her name). But mocking a health issue is always uncalled for. See a screengrab of the shameful headline below.

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