Kim Kardashian Did NOT Have “Dramatic Delivery,” Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kim Kardashian Delivery november 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Delivery november 2015


Kim Kardashian did NOT have a “dramatic delivery,” despite a completely false tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the report.

The new cover of OK!, which hit newsstands on Tuesday, alleges Kardashian was “rushed to the hospital” at 2 a.m., where she gave birth “four weeks early” amid a “C-section panic.” This is all a lie. Kardashian is still very much pregnant.

In fact, the accompanying story is actually a bait-and-switch. Despite the magazine’s cover leading readers to believe Kardashian was “rushed to the hospital” for a “dramatic delivery,” the article actually claims the expectant star only went to the emergency room for what ended up being a false alarm. “Everything turned out okay, but it was very scary,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying.

Indeed, the next paragraph notes Kardashian isn’t due until late December, but that “it’s looking increasingly unlikely she’ll be able to carry the baby to term.” In other words, despite that misleading cover, OK! is even acknowledging Kardashian hasn’t given birth yet.

Here’s what’s really going on: OK! is aware of recent rumors claiming Kardashian will be induced around Thanksgiving, ahead of her due date. So, even though the star is currently still pregnant, the magazine created a deceiving “delivery” cover story, knowing the issue will still be on newsstands after Thanksgiving, and it would look like the outlet had all the details.

It’s typical tabloid trickery, a tactic employed by OK! and the other rags countless times before. Gossip Cop has called out instances when such pre-birth delivery stories were written about Jessica Simpson, Mila Kunis, and more stars. It’s insensitive to the moms-to-be, and a betrayal of what little trust readers have in the tabloids.

Once again, OK! is shamefully doing something that is, well, really not okay. Furthermore, a rep for Kardashian exclusively tells us of the cover story, “It’s all fantasy.”

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Kim Kardashian had a dramatic delivery.


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