Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Did NOT Name Daughter “Elle V,” Despite Claim

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Kim Kardashian Daughter Name

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Daughter Name

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did not name their newborn daughter “Elle V,” contrary to a tabloid claim. Gossip Cop can bust this wrong report and help set the record straight. The baby girl’s name is actually “Chicago,” although her famous parents plan to call her “Chi.”

But on its website, Star is declaring in a headline, “Called It! Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Named Their Daughter Elle V. West & Here’s Why.” The gossip magazine asserts Kardashian “posted a cryptic photo to her Instagram account” that seems to be “hinting at the name of her daughter.” Contends the outlet, “Based on these indications we believe the baby’s name is Elle V. West.”

“Clue 1” is said to be the picture, which showed the iconic Louis Vuitton logo with its interlocking L-V symbol. The publication points out that the letter “L” sounds like the word “Elle” and that “V” is the roman numeral for five. “This seems like a strong possibility,” argues the tabloid, “because the new addition makes five at the West household.” “Clue 2” is that “Elle” means “she” in French, and Kardashian announced the baby’s birth by posting, “She is here.” Asks Star, “Was this a double entendre?”

While those theories may seem plausible, “clue 3” is a bit less rational. It’s based solely on Ellen DeGeneres approving of the name “Elle” when an audience member shouted it out during Kardashian’s November appearance on the show. The notion that the reality star would name her daughter simply based on DeGeneres’ preference is rather far-fetched and silly. But the gossip magazine continues involving the talk show host with “clue 4,” claiming DeGeneres’ suggestion of “Three” may have “sparked the train of thought to consider the numeral symbolism of V.”

And for the last one, “clue 5,” the outlet posits Kardashian may have been inspired by outgoing Louis Vuitton designer Kim Jones, who was holding one last show in Paris, and her robbery, which took place in the city. Alleges the publication, “This could be a tribute to that life changing experience.” Uh, not exactly.

As Kardashian wrote on Twitter, she was intending to honor Jones, but it had nothing to do with her daughter’s name. The actual name was revealed on Friday, with Kardashian posting it on her website and tweeting, “North, Saint & Chi.” Notably, the moniker doesn’t connect at all to the “clues” offered by Star. Whoops.

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