Kim Kardashian Did NOT Release Saint West Photo For Kanye West “Damage Control,” Despite Report

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Kim Kardashian Damage Control Saint West Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Damage Control Saint West Photo


Kim Kardashian did NOT release the first photo of Saint West for “damage control,” despite a new report wrongly claiming the decision was part of a larger “plan to save her troubled marriage” to Kanye West. Gossip Cop can debunk the nonsense.

As Gossip Cop reported, Kardashian shared a picture of Saint for the first time on Monday. The reality star explained that she chose the date because it was her late father’s birthday, and she wanted to honor his love of family, knowing how much he’d love his grandson. But according to RadarOnline, it was a “calculated move” designed to use “publicity” to help “save” her relationship with West as “divorce rumors swirled.”

Of course, it’s RadarOnline that’s been peddling those wrong “divorce rumors,” and since they were proven untrue, the site now conveniently claims Kardashian “is not throwing in the towel in her troubled marriage just yet.” And that’s where Saint comes in. “Initially, the mother of two planned to sell the photo to the highest bidder,” claims the webloid. “But after the Yeezy Season Threezy rapper turned fashion mogul shattered his image, insiders said Kardashian knew she must act fast to save her own brand!”

But if that was actually the case, why wouldn’t Kardashian have released the picture before this week? After all, West has been racking up negative publicity since last month. But that’s not the only hole Gossip Cop can poke in the outlet’s “damage control” logic.

RadarOnline next points to West recently “hugging a photographer,” and questions whether he had a “change of heart” about paparazzi, or if it was “all for the cameras.” The site fails to mention the hug happened as West broke up a fight between photographers, and instead tries to make it look like a fake photo op. Not the case.

The misguided webloid goes on to mention Kris Jenner’s appearance on “Fashion Police” last week, claiming she only went on the program to “do some serious damage control.” So how to explain Jenner’s previous guest-starring stints on the show? Were those all “damage control,” too? Not surprisingly, that’s left out as well.

Here’s what’s really going on: RadarOnline wanted to a do a sensational story about West and Kardashian, and chose to allege the family is desperate for publicity after some of his recent antics. It compiled three weak pieces of evidence to support its “damage control” theory, none of which hold up upon inspection. And when Kardashian and West do NOT get divorced, the site will continue to do its own damage control, and just keep spreading unsubstantiated misinformation in a pathetic attempt to support whatever new angle it can come up with. It’s beyond ridiculous, and not journalism.

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Kim Kardashian shared the first picture of her baby, Saint, in order to save her marriage.


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