Kim Kardashian “Curious” About Taylor Swift’s New Album?

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Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Album

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Album

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Kim Kardashian is “curious” to hear Taylor Swift’s new album, according to a made-up report. Gossip Cop is told that not only was the story fabricated, but the claims themselves are laughable. Gossip Cop can explain what’s going on.

Since Swift announced her new album, Reputation, and started releasing songs from it, HollywoodLife has been all too eager to extend her feud with Kardashian. Whenever possible, the webloid seems to link the two with manufactured “exclusives.” That’s why there’s now an article with the headline, “Kim K’s ‘Curious’ To Hear Taylor Swift’s New Album: Is She Prepping An Epic Clap-Back?” In the accompanying report, the site alleges it “EXCLUSIVELY” learned that “Kim can’t wait to hear what Taylor has coming for her when ‘Reputation’ drops.”

A so-called “source close to Kim” is quoted as saying, “Taylor is on Kim’s radar, she’s very curious to see what’s going to be said on her upcoming album. But unless it’s something really extreme that she feels has to be addressed it’s likely she’ll stay quiet.” This alleged tipster adds, “She’s happy and focused on her blessings. Her goal is to avoid getting dragged into negative drama. She’s going to do her best not to feed into it.” “HollywoodLies” then editorializes, “Now that’s called taking the high road.”

Actually, “taking the high road” would be not having a “source” close to you go telling a gossip outlet anything at all about the subject. And Kardashian didn’t. An actual insider, who has reliably guided Gossip Cop for years, assures us that no one legitimately privy to her thoughts and feelings is sharing them with HollywoodLies when it comes to Swift or any other topic. And that’s been the case pretty much every time the publication has claimed to have an “exclusive” about their feud.

For example, just last week, the website claimed Kardashian won’t let Swift “bully” Kanye West with more diss tracks. The story was tied to the release of the singer’s new song, “Gorgeous,” which had nothing at all to do with her supposed rivals. And Kardashian wasn’t focused on Swift and her music anyway. Her rep exclusively told Gossip Cop the tale was “false,” and now Gossip Cop can confirm this new piece is untrue as well.

The reality star still isn’t fixating on Swift’s record. “She has better things to do,” we’re told by our insider. But as the release of Reputation approaches, and after it’s out next month, we fully expect HollywoodLies to keep concocting related “exclusives.” And we’ll be here to keep calling out such fabrications as necessary.

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