Kim Kardashian NOT In “Crisis Mode” Over “Shocking Party Videos,” Despite Report

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Kim Kardashian Crisis Leaked Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Crisis Leaked Video

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Kim Kardashian is not in “crisis mode” over “shocking party videos,” despite a sensational report from a webloid trying to stoke controversy. Gossip Cop can exclusively reveal why this is fake news.

Last week, the National Enquirer and RadarOnline published stories about years-old videos of Kardashian and then-boyfriend Ray J. There was nothing inherently newsworthy about them now, because the footage had previous leaked around the time of the former couple’s infamous sex tape. In fact, the re-release of the old clips was so insignificant and such a non-story that it wasn’t picked up all that wide beyond those two outlets’ sister publications. They were hoping to spark a scandal, yet anything but that happened.

Still, RadarOnline is trying to make it seem like there is, in fact, a “crisis” as a results of its stories about the old tapes. “Kim Kardashian ‘Furious’ After Shocking Party Videos Exposed,” blares a headline on Friday, with the site actually claiming she and momager Kris Jenner now have to “scramble to salvage her career!” A so-called “source” supposedly claims to the webloid, “Kim feels incredibly humiliated by everything that has come out about her in these past couple of weeks. She’s in crisis mode.”

After repeating that Jenner is “desperately trying to do damage control in order to save her daughter’s sinking career,” the online outlet quotes its alleged tipster as saying, “They are trying to come up with a serious damage control plan that will include Kim doing work for more charitable causes, as well as speaking out against drugs and alcohol in an attempt to keep her image classy.” This purported snitch goes on to dramatically assert, “Kim’s biggest fear was that she was going to have to relive the Ray J drama, and now she is. She knows that people can see through her now, and she is just devastated!”

Please. There’s been no damage, so there’s no need for “damage control.” Kardashian had successful releases this week of both her beauty line and kids clothing collection. But she needs to “scramble to salvage her career” and her career is “sinking”? Hardly. If anything, RadarOnline seems to be scrambling to keep this non-story alive. But the truth of the matter is that this was fake news from the start and a total non-issue. “This is absurd,” a rep for Kardashian even tells Gossip Cop, further saying the claims about Kardashian trying to change up her “image” are “false.”

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