Kim Kardashian “Coming After” Kylie Jenner With “Vengeance” – Real Or Rumor?

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Kim Kardashian Coming After Kylie Jenner

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian Coming After Kylie Jenner

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Kim Kardashian is not “coming after” her sister Kylie Jenner with a “vengeance,” despite a wholly made-up story by a webloid with a history of fabricating stories about the Jenners and the Kardashians. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this manufactured tale. We’re told it’s “bull.”

According to the creative writers at HollywoodLife, while Jenner is riding high with the selling out of her Lip Kit and people talking about her Interview magazine cover, her big sister Kim Kardashian is secretly plotting revenge in an effort to “reclaim the throne.” One of the webloid’s clearly fake sources is quoted as saying, “Kim’s not impressed” with Jenner’s success, adding if she were not pregnant and able to face off with her kid sister in the media, Kardashian would be “queen of the family.” The same so-called “source” says in beyond unnatural language that Kardashian doesn’t like being “outdone or overshadowed,” and will come after Jenner with a “vengeance” to “snatch that popularity crown right off her sister’s head.”

Without being a strict Freudian, it sounds like these quotes are from a person with a variety of problems, including his or her own sibling rivalry issues, as well as delusions of grandeur, with his or her use of the words “crown” and “throne.” Notwithstanding the absurd prose about “vengeance,” a source close to Kardashian exclusively assures Gossip Cop the entire story is “bull.”

Additionally, Kardashian herself posted on her app nothing but praise and pride for her kid sister. She wrote, “I am OBSESSSSSSSSSSSSSING Over Kylie’s new lip kit!! She picked the perfect three lipstick shades! I’m loving all the colors: Dolce K, Candy K and True Brown K. It’s only $29, so it’s the perfect gift for your friends or sisters!” Yeah, sounds really vengeful.

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Kim Kardashian is coming after Kylie Jenner to reclaim her popularity.


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