Kim Kardashian NOT Cheating On Kanye West With Marquette King, Despite Report

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Kim Kardashian Cheating Kanye West Marquette King

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian Cheating Kanye West Marquette King

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Kim Kardashian is not cheating or “creeping” on Kanye West, despite another misguided report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this falsehood. We’re told the claim is “fake.”

MediaTakeOut contends West and Kardashian’s “marriage is strained,” before asking, “But is it now close to being over?” The webloid then alleges another site is claiming Kardashian’s been “creeping” and “seeking comfort” from Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King. MTO asserts the rumor originated with Barstool Sports.

But Barstool Sports did not allege Kardashian is “cheating on Kanye.” Another site called Terez Owens floated the rumor. MediaFakeOut was not only wrong about where the claim began, but more importantly it’s also wrong about Kardashian hooking up with Marquette King.

Gossip Cop doesn’t regurgitate questionable stories. We investigate them. And we can punt this rumor that contends Kardashian is “creeping” on West with the NFL kicker. A rep for the reality star exclusively assures us this is yet another example of “fake news.”

Of course, we’re not shocked since MediaTakeOut lies about Kardashian from time to time. In fact, the unreliable webloid recently had to issue a retraction for falsely alleging Kardashian staged the robbery in Paris. Interestingly, the site, which has wrongly asserted for years that the rapper and reality star are splitting, inaccurately claimed nearly a year ago that West was creeping on Kardashian. None of those articles were true, and neither is the latest which ties Kardashian to Marquette King.

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Kim Kardashian is cheating on Kanye West with NFL player Marquette King.


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