Kim Kardashian “Butt Touch” With Bodyguard NOT On Purpose, Despite Claim

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Kim Kardashian Butt Touch

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Butt Touch

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There’s nothing “going down” between Kim Kardashian and her bodyguard, despite ridiculous speculation that he touched her butt on purpose. Gossip Cop can debunk the sensational claim.

“SHOCK PICS: Kim Kardashian’s SECURITY GUARD Was Photo’d TOUCHING HER BUTT… Was That Just A ‘MISTAKE’… Or Is SOMETHING GOING DOWN????” asks MediaTakeOut in a characteristically dramatic and misleading headline. It says in the accompanying article, “Kim Kardashian was photo’d in New York City, with a giant and very handsome bodyguard. At one point he was helping her into her apartment, and his hand touched her butt. People on social media are asking… what was THAT all about…”

What was that all about? From the photo, it’s perfectly clear the security guard was holding the door open with one hand and protectively guiding Kardashian through the doorway with his other one. The precise placement, with his hand barely even grazing her rear end, was quite obviously accidental. But the gesture is actually well within the norms of how a bodyguard would usher a client inside, particularly as intrusive paparazzi stand feet away shouting and snapping pictures.

The notion that that split-second moment is evidence that something inappropriate is “going down” between them is absurd. No real news outlet saw the snapshot and jumped to the same conclusion. MediaFakeOut just wanted to stir up a scandal with its off-base assumption, more than six months after the webloid was forced to apologize to Kardashian and issue a retraction for falsely claiming her Paris robbery was “staged.”

MTO is also the same site that wrongly alleged in 2015 that Kardashian and West were set to announce a divorce “tomorrow.” Well, tomorrow has long come and gone, and the couple remains together. They just celebrated their third wedding anniversary, and went on trips to the Bahamas and Japan in the last few weeks alone. The bodyguard in question is in Kardashian’s life for security purposes and nothing more.

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