Kim Kardashian Family “Furious” She “Broke Code Of Silence” About Bruce Jenner’s Transition?

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Kim Kardashian Bruce Jenner Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Bruce Jenner Interview

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“Big Mouth! Kardashian Family Livid Kim Broke ‘Code Of Silence’ Over Bruce Jenner’s Transformation” blares yet another sensationally and flat-out false headline from RadarOnline, an outlet that has spent years getting story after story wrong about the Kardashian and Jenner families.

The webloid’s latest misguided effort seeks to capitalize on the attention surrounding Jenner as he transitions into a woman, and attempts to create a feud between Kardashian and Jenner. As Gossip Cop reported, Kardashian was asked about her stepfather during an “Entertainment Tonight” interview last week, and she declined to discuss any specifics except to say Jenner would talk abou his “journey” when the time was “right.”

Kardashian’s comments were loving yet rather insignificant, as they revealed absolutely nothing about what Jenner is or isn’t doing in his private life. But RadarOnline claims her family is “furious” over her remarks, which have supposedly caused “yet another feud to erupt within her already crumbling family.” “Kim has broken the trust of her family, including all of her sisters, brothers and father,” a so-called “family insider” dramatically alleges to RadarOnline.

“All of her sisters totally agree that Kim was out of line and think what she said to ‘ET’ was completely inappropriate,” continues the supposed tipster. “The worst part is that she didn’t even run it by her family first. She was trying to sell her own brand and her family feels like she was using Bruce as a pawn to get more famous.” And a different alleged RadarOnline “source” claims, “There are some things that the family does not discuss with the public and that was number one. That topic was off limits and Kim knew that. She completely broke the code of silence.”

Of course, RadarOnline’s allegations contradict what far more reputable outlets have said. In fact, TMZ even reported on Saturday that the Kardashian-Jenner clan decided to have members of the family “start speaking out,” and noted, “What Kim said this week about Bruce’s ‘journey’ was no slip of the tongue.” And RadarOnline’s notion that Kardashian is “using” Jenner to “get more famous” is both laughable and patently false.

The fact is, as a legitimate source told Gossip Cop on Friday, Jenner’s kids and stepkids are all in agreement that “Bruce is in charge of letting out as much or as little [information] as he wants… It’s all his call, and they all respect that.” Kardashian was well aware of what she could and couldn’t say during her media appearances over the last week, and no “code” was broken on “Entertainment Tonight,” where, again, all she said is that Jenner would speak when he was ready.

Another source close to the situation stresses to Gossip Cop that Kardashian is “incredible supportive” of her stepfather. What’s not supportive is places like RadarOnline manufacturing drama where there is none.


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