Kim Kardashian Boobs “Boosted” With Injectable Fillers?

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Kim Kardashian Boobs Boosted

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Boobs Boosted

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Kim Kardashian’s boobs are “boosted” with injectable fillers, according to the latest rumor about the reality star’s famous curves. And since Gossip Cop looks into all claims no matter how ridiculous, we actually investigated this new tale.

The allegation can be found in the current issue of OK!, under the headline, “Kim’s Boosted Bust.” The story asserts Kardashian is giving her “hourglass figure” a “major upgrade with injectable fillers.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “There’s a new one designed for body-shaping that Kim is using. It’s the reason her breasts are so full right now, despite the weight she’s lost since she was snapped with cellulite in April.”

Of course, cellulite on Kardashian’s butt and thighs has nothing to do with the appearance of her breasts. And the star has always seemed to have a big bosom regardless of her weight. In any case, the gossip magazine insists Kardashian is undergoing a “nonsurgical procedure that gives her cleavage an, er, ‘natural’ look, and lasts for five years.” Contends the outlet’s supposed source, “Kim’s getting small doses regularly so it’s not an overnight change.”

“Once she achieves the maximum effect, she’ll likely give it a rest,” adds the alleged tipster. But as noted above, Kardashian has always had a big chest. It seems the only reason the publication ran this piece is because the mom of two “put her pumped-up cleavage on display” at a recent Balmain event. And to emphasize the “boosted bust” allegation, the tabloid enlarged the above photo to take up most of the page.

Yet it’s quite clear that it’s Kardashian’s tight crop top that is responsible for her “pumped-up cleavage,” which really doesn’t look any more “full right now” than in years past. To be fair, we’re not doctors. But it’s also worth noting that Kardashian is actually very open with what she uses to “boost” her appearance. From showing off her contouring methods to flaunting waist trainers and tummy tea on Instagram, she’s not exactly one to learn of a new trick and not share it with followers.

Not to mention, OK! is the same outlet that wrongly announced Kardashian and Kanye West were divorcing last December. If a magazine can’t get the big things right, or doesn’t care to, why should it be trusted on the trivial? Well, according to a rep, this story shouldn’t be trusted. Whatever the cause of Kardashian’s supposedly “boosted bust,” the spokesperson point-blank says the injectable fillers claim is “false.”

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Kim Kardashian is using injectable fillers to make her boobs bigger.


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