Kim Kardashian “Urging Kanye West Not To Drop Blac Chyna Diss Track” Is Fake News

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Blac Chyna Diss Track

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Blac Chyna Diss Track


A story about Kim Kardashian telling Kanye West not to make a diss track about Blac Chyna is fake news. Gossip Cop has confirmed with a rep that the article was wholly fabricated. Gossip Cop can explain why.

As we reported, earlier this week Chyna sued Kardashian and the rest of her siblings, as well as momager Kris Jenner. She alleged that in addition to former fiancé Rob physically abusing her, the family was also emotionally abusive and torpedoed a second season of “Rob & Chyna.” Prior to the lawsuit, Rob and Kylie actually sued Chyna first, over a domestic violence incident that allegedly took place in Kylie’s home. Now in the aftermath of the two suits being filed, HollywoodLife is trying to capitalize on the disputes by pretending to have “EXCLUSIVE details” about Kardashian wanting to “avoid the drama” and “stop any type of rap war” between Chyna and West, because “the last thing the family wants is more publicity towards this ugly feud.”

Why then would a “source close to the reality star” go talking about it to HollywoodLies? The webloid quotes this supposed snitch as saying, “Kim is a bit disturbed with Blac Chyna’s recent legal action towards the family and she wants to avoid any talk or interaction with Chyna at all costs. She has already told Kanye time and time again not to rap about her in any future music to the point it would affect their relationship in a bad way if he crossed Kim on this request.”

The site and its “source” don’t explain why West would cross his wife, but the alleged tipster goes on to say, “She doesn’t want any reference to Blac Chyna either positively or negatively in any of Kanye’s music because that lives forever and she would rather have Chyna in the background and out of her family’s life as much as possible moving forward.” It’s strange that this purported snitch keeps switching between “Chyna” and “Blac Chyna.” Also not said anywhere in the piece is why West would even deem her important enough to rap about on a diss track. There’s a lot of holes here and it’s easy to see why.

HollywoodLies wasn’t interested in running a legitimately well-reported article about the lawsuits. It just wanted to exploit the hot topic, like it does so many others, by offering fans and search engines original related content. But this isn’t real news. On the contrary, a rep for Kardashian tells Gossip Cop the claims here are “completely fake.” We’ve routinely confirmed that authentic sources close to Kardashian don’t talk to this online publication. Now here is more proof.

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