Kim Kardashian NOT “Unhappy” At Birthday Party, Despite Report

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Kim Kardashian Birthday Party

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Kim Kardashian Birthday Party

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Kim Kardashian was not “unhappy” at her birthday party on Thursday, despite a laughably wrong report. In fact, there’s video evidence that goes directly against the claims. Gossip Cop can explain.

Though Kardashian turned 37 on Saturday, she opted to wait several days before going out to celebrate with family and friends, including husband Kanye West. The reality star and other attendees documented the fun festivities, which took place at an Armenian-Lebanese restaurant in Los Angeles, on social media. It’s apparent a good time was had by all, but RadarOnline is now blaring in a headline on Friday, “Inside Kim Kardashian’s ‘Unhappy’ Birthday Bash With Kanye West & Family.”

Perhaps the webloid was “inside” a different party, because its assertions do not match reality. The site claims Kardashian “looked miserable” at the dinner and was in a “foul mood” the entire time. A so-called “Kardashian family insider” is quoted as saying, “It was more like an unhappy birthday party than anything else. It was one of the most miserable gatherings ever.” What was so awful about it? It’s not really clear, aside from the supposed source asserting Kardashian was in a bad mood and “barely said two words to Kanye the entire night.”

“In fact, they looked like they didn’t even like each other let alone love each other,” the outlet’s snitch alleges, even maintaining, “Kim really did not even want to be there.” But nowhere does the online publication mention that Kardashian and others posted Snapchat and Instagram videos from the party, showing she, West and the other guests all having a good time. One of the clips shows the reality star exclaiming “Oh, yes” when her “Armenian-style” cake is brought out. In other footage, West and Kardashian are seen smiling and talking together.

Their happiness is apparent, yet here is RadarOnline claiming the opposite and asking readers, “Do you think that Kim and Kanye will stay together?” The webloid has been asking that question for years. In addition, it often twists reality to depict the couple as “miserable” and “unhappy.” For example, last year, the site claimed Kardashian and West had a “miserable trip” to Colorado, and this past March, Kardashian was supposedly “miserable” being married to the rapper. All the while, the couple keeps showing how happy they are, including at her birthday party. Man, it must be miserable being wrong so often.