Kim Kardashian is not working on her "bikini body" in case of a divorce from Kanye West, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust the thoroughly stupid story.

In a clickbait headline, RadarOnline exclaims, "The Old Kim Is Back! Should Kanye Be Worried?" According to the site, "Kim Kardashian is out of hibernation and back showing her body on the streets," but "her hot new look isn't just a way of promoting the new season of 'KUWTK.'" Rather, a so-called "insider" claims, "She's got a dark ulterior motive for getting into such tip-top shape: for life after Kanye West!"

"Kim isn't taking any chances and wants to look as sexy as possible in case she's back on the singles scene and Kanye doesn't come through with his promises," continues the supposed source. "It's no secret they've papered over a lot of huge problems, and she's open about the fact she'd dive straight back into the dating scene if her marriage doesn't work out."

The site's purported tipster adds, "Looking good and getting into shape has been a form of therapy since the robbery, and she's so proud to have her body back." As "proof," the webloid points to Instagram photos Kardashian has posted of herself dressed provocatively. But this isn't anything new.

Kardashian has always prioritized staying in shape, and has always enjoyed flaunting her figure in dazzling designs. This isn't a sudden makeover and has nothing to do with her marriage to West. What's really going on is the online publication is simply trying to continue its tired narrative about the couple divorcing.

For more than a year now, RadarOnline has falsely claimed Kardashian and West are on the brink of a split. Gossip Cop has busted many of the untrue stories, and time has proved us right and the dubious website wrong. Earlier this month, for instance, a made-up article alleged Kardashian was "miserable" and "trapped" in her marriage to West.

Now readers are supposed to believe she's fixated on her appearance in case of a divorce. It's a rather absurd angle, and just as untrue as all the previous ones. If anyone needs to get in "tip-top shape," it's RadarOnline.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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