Kim Kardashian “Hurt By Awkward Exchange With Beyonce” Is Made-Up Story

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Kim Kardashian Beyonce Awkward Exchange

By Andrew Shuster |

Kim Kardashian Beyonce Awkward Exchange

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A new story claiming Kim Kardashian feels “hurt by an awkward exchange with Beyonce” is entirely made-up. The bogus article is yet another entry in HollywoodLife’s ongoing saga about the relationship between the reality star and singer. Gossip Cop can once again expose the site’s lies.

Last week, we busted the unreliable outlet for wrongly reporting that Kardashian and Beyonce had an “icy exchange” at Serena Williams’ wedding. There was no proof to back up the claim. Instead, the webloid put an untrue twist on a legitimate E! article about Kardashian and Beyonce coming face-to-face at the wedding. E! simply noted that the two women stood at the VIP bar together, but HollywoodLies, as it’s been nicknamed, baselessly decided the exchange was “icy.”

Despite the site’s initial article being false, it’s now concocted a follow-up with “exclusive” details of Kardashian’s thoughts on the alleged confrontation. A so-called “source” tells the webloid, “Kim’s really hurt by the way Beyonce has treated her, even before Kanye and Jay fell out Beyonce was always cold towards her, and Kim can’t work out why. She went out of her way to be nice to Beyonce and she really wanted to be friends, but it was clear that Beyonce didn’t feel the same way.”

Gossip Cop, however, checked in with a rep for Kardashian, who exclusively assure us the webloid’s story is entirely made-up. All of the quotes surrounding her feelings towards Beyonce were fabricated and didn’t come from any sources close to the reality star. Unfortunately, HollywoodLife has a habit of pretending to know the dynamic between the two women.

Gossip Cop called out the webloid over the weekend for manufacturing the reason why Kardashian and Beyonce have a “tense relationship.” That phony article was also published to capitalize on the reality star and singer crossing paths at their mutual friend’s wedding. HollywoodLife, however, has no actual insight into how the two women get along.

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