Kim Kardashian “Banned” Kanye West From Talking To Rihanna? (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kim Kardashian Banned Kanye West Rihanna

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Banned Kanye West Rihanna

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Kim Kardashian has NOT “banned” Kanye West from talking to Rihanna, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story. We’re told there’s no truth to it.

According to RadarOnline, West has “distanced himself from his longtime protégée Rihanna — and it’s all because of his furious and envious wife.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Each and every time Rihanna is on the scene Kim gets jealous and threatened. It’s unbearable for all concerned.”

The supposed source claims West and Rihanna “have a very close bond” and “do flirt with each other a lot.” Now Kardashian is allegedly “paranoid they have this crush on each other and that one day Rihanna could steal him away.” As a result, the webloid says the reality star “refuses to let” West speak to the singer.

Interestingly, the site makes no mention of its recent claims about Kardashian meeting with a divorce lawyer and planning to end her marriage. If she was ready to split with West, why would she be so worried that Rihanna could “steal him away”? Simply put, RadarOnline can’t keep its lies consistent, and they are all just that… lies.

Kardashian has no issue with West and Rihanna’s longtime friendship, as evidenced by the fact that the rapper openly praised the songstress on Twitter last month. If there was such “jealousy,” why didn’t the site’s “insider” have this information back then, or even last year when West and Rihanna collaborated on “FourFiveSeconds”? Again, simply put, RadarOnline just goes with lies, whichever ones it sees fit at any given moment.

Now a rep for Kardashian exclusively assures Gossip Cop that this is an off-base story like so many previous ones. In fact, the spokesperson sums it all up in a single word: “False.”

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Kim Kardashian has banned Kanye West from talking to Rihanna.


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