Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are not in a feud over baby gifts, contrary to a late and wrong report. Gossip Cop can not only correct the story, but we can also explain its genesis.

"War continues to rage between Kim Kardashian and Beyonce," the National Enquirer declares in its current edition. According to the supermarket tabloid, "the reality TV queen is seething after being snubbed by the pop diva yet again." While the gossip magazine doesn't actually point out any prior "snubs," it does go on to allege that Kardashian "extended an olive branch" by sending Beyonce gifts after her twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, were born. "But her peace offering was ignored," claims the outlet.

A so-called "mole" is quoted as saying, "Kim sent over a huge bouquet of flowers and a basket of baby things as soon as she heard about the twins birth. But she's had no word of thanks and she's steaming mad. She said it's the final straw, and a huge insult she shouldn't have to tolerate." The publication's supposed snitch adds, "But the simple reality is that Bey considers Kim trash and beneath her. There's really no peaceful resolution in sight."

These quotes, however, are reminiscent of what a purported "source" supposedly told RadarOnline last Monday, leading the webloid to claim Kardashian and Beyonce were in a "catfight." The quotes have subtle word changes, such as "basket of baby gifts weeks ago, as soon as she heard about the twins' birth" (Radar) versus "basket of baby things as soon as she heard about the twins birth (Enquirer). When sister publications feature such similar wording like this, it is not usually a sign that the same person spoke to both outlets. Rather, it's typically an indication that those outlets collaborated together to make up the claims, and then make them slightly different for their respective publications.

What's even more telling, though, is that these rumors didn't actually originate with either RadarOnline or the National Enquirer. It was actually the British tabloid Heat that first sparked this narrative back in July by claiming Beyonce rejected Kardashian's baby gifts. The other two publications have now run their own versions weeks later, but all three actually have a history of fabricating stories about both stars, so it was no surprise when Gossip Cop learned from a spokesperson that the allegations are all "false." This wasn't an instance of corroboration and confirmation, but sloppy regurgitations of debunked claims. And while the Enquirer's "mole" maintains there's "no peaceful resolution in sight" for Kardashian and Beyonce's alleged feud, that's only because the gossip media keeps making up fake feud stories like these.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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