Kim Kardashian ‘Annoyed’ Lamar Odom ‘Stealing Her Baby Spotlight’? (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kim Kardashian Annoyed Lamar Odom Stealing Spotlight

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Annoyed Lamar Odom Stealing Spotlight

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Kim Kardashian is NOT “annoyed” Lamar Odom is “stealing her baby spotlight,” despite a report. Gossip Cop can correct the story, which comes from an outlet that has been positively dreadful when it comes to accurately writing about the Odom situation. A rep exclusively tells us there is no truth to the new claims.

And it’s once again RadarOnline that’s spreading the misinformation. According to the site, Kardashian’s “delivery and birth fakery plans have come to a halt” due to Odom’s hospitalization. What does that even mean?

Well, the convoluted story claims Kardashian had “planned drama” she “had concocted for the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ cameras,” but Odom’s health crisis has her “pulling back.” A so-called “source” explains, “Kim knows that her pregnancy drama gives the show good ratings so she was totally planning to exploit any little thing she could. From sudden weight gain to a doctor’s appointment that didn’t go well, anything she could put into the show.”

“Any kind of emergency around the pregnancy and delivery would have been ratings gold and Kim knows that,” continues the RadarOnline snitch. The supposed problem is that Odom’s medical emergency “threw a wrench in her plans.” The outlet’s “source” claims, “Kim is worried that any drama she tried to showcase would be considered rude or crass with Lamar being in the hospital fighting for his life.”

The tipster goes on, “Kim is afraid she will look bad if she creates any drama surrounding her pregnancy. Kim is worried that Lamar’s situation will overshadow her giving birth. She had plans to milk her baby drama for ratings and now she’s stuck.” The “source” further says, “Kim obviously wants someone to film the delivery so she has a record of the birth of her little boy, but with Lamar being in such a bad state she is really trying to tone down her own drama out of respect for her sister and Odom.”

RadarOnline seems to have a problem with consistency. On the one hand, the site claims Kardashian is “worried” and “annoyed” her pregnancy is getting “overshadowed.” On the other, it’s alleged she’s “trying to tone down out of respect.”

And this is the same webloid that also claimed Kardashian was on the outs with her family because she supposedly was the only one not being supportive of Khloe Kardashian caring for Odom during this difficult time. If she was so unsupportive, why would she even care about being respectful? RadarOnline can’t even keep its own “fakery” right, and is guilty of the very same thing it accuses Kardashian of doing.

The site is taking made-up “drama” and seeking to “exploit” it for traffic and clicks, its version of “ratings gold.” Still, Gossip Cop checked in with Kardashian’s rep, and we’re exclusively told that the allegations of “planned drama” and issues due to Odom are entirely “false.”


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