Kim Kardashian NOT “Pregnant And Alone” Again, Despite Report

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Kim Kardashian Alone June 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Alone June 2015

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Here we go again. Throughout Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy, Gossip Cop corrected countless “pregnant and alone” stories that falsely claimed she had been ditched, deserted, and/or dumped by Kanye West. Now just a few weeks after Kardashian announced her second pregnancy, Life & Style is serving up the first installment of round two.

According to the tabloid, West won’t be by Kardashian’s “side” for “most” of the new pregnancy due to touring. The outlet quotes a so-called “insider” as claiming, “Kim is so upset. She really needs him around to comfort her and has begged him to cancel at least some of the dates, but Kanye refuses.”

The Life & Style “insider” goes on to allege that Kanye just “tunes her out,” and “sometimes just needs a break from Kim.” The magazine declares the situation is “giving the reality star an unfortunate sense of deja vu,” as West supposedly wasn’t around much during the first pregnancy, either. “She had made Kanye promise that she wouldn’t have to go through another pregnancy alone,” claims the supposed Life & Style tipster. “But he didn’t keep his word. It’s sad.”

No, what’s actually “sad” is Life & Style using its previously wrong stories about Kardashian’s first pregnancy to create a new, just-as-fictional narrative about the second pregnancy. Gossip Cop fully expects to see multiple ditched, deserted, and/or dumped stories over the next six months, just for the sake of sensationalizing Kardashian and West’s relationship. It just has no basis in reality.

Kardashian and West are together far more often than the public realizes, and Life & Style has time again proved to be clueless about the status of their relationship. After all, this is the same magazine that ran a cover story last fall claiming West had “dumped” Kardashian on her birthday, and was “ditching” and completely “desert[ing] her.” But just because a tabloid uses a big buzzword doesn’t make it true.

While Kardashian and West will not be together for every second of her pregnancy, as they both understandably have career obligations, she’s most certainly not “alone,” nor is she “upset” with him. Gossip Cop looks forward to correcting this regurgitated nonsense approximately 9,238,831,931 more times.


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