Is Kim Kardashian "allergic" to jewelry as a result of being robbed at gunpoint nearly a year ago? That's what a certain webloid is claiming. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation and can exclusively reveal the truth.

"Kim Kardashian 'Allergic' To Jewelry After Horrifying Paris Robbery," RadarOnline is announcing in a headline. According to the site, the "horrifying Paris robbery is still very much on her mind," and she "still can't wear her jewelry." It's specifically claimed doing so "triggers" both "anxiety and panic attacks," since Kardashian's jewels are what made the robbers target her in the first place. "Kardashian's developed an 'allergy' towards her bling and now opts for a much more simple aesthetic," contends the outlet.

A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "She thought she'd be over this by now, but if anything it's getting worse. Kim's much stronger about most aspects of the trauma, but whenever she puts on a heavy necklace or even a favorite watch it gives her panic attacks and terrible flashbacks. She's looking fantastic and can cope with the occasional light piece of jewelry, but feels naked without being able to wear some of her favorite necklaces, earrings and bangles."

"Her therapist is helping her work through the problem, but so far the only solution is to wear as little as possible and lock her jewelry away. If she so much as looks at her collection it sets her off," the supposed source further claims to the online publication. But it seems RadarOnline is distorting the truth. While it's true Kardashian has made it a point to where less jewelry since the robbery, she is not doing so because of any kind of PTSD trigger.

Rather, Kardashian has said she believes she made herself vulnerable to such an attack by flaunting her baubles and often revealing her whereabouts on social media. And so, she's changed the way she handles both. She no longer flashes major bling and she only posts about her outings after she's left the locale. Both are about protecting her safety, not avoiding panic attacks. A rep for Kardashian even tells exclusively tells Gossip Cop that this "allergy" claim is "false."

Frankly, RadarOnline has a lot of nerve writing about Kardashian and her robbery at all. The webloid has peddled some outrageously bogus stories on the subject in the last year, including one that falsely claimed Kardashian's stolen jewelry was funding radical Islamic terrorism. The outlet also used a fake video, which it wrongly alleged showed one of the star's friends being held captive during the incident, to assert it helped lead to the arrests of the robbers. In actuality, the footage had nothing to do with the case and nothing to do with the arrests. It's shameful the site is still exploiting a real crime for clicks.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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