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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did not make a "$1 billion divorce announcement," nor are they going to, despite a new cover story. This shamefully isn't the first time this particular tabloid has made-up such a false claim. Gossip Cop can bust this latest version.

The new cover of Star is touting "breaking news," and purports to have a quote from Kardashian saying, "I'll raise our surrogate baby alone." The real "breaking news" is that this isn't true and she never made any such comment. Inside the issue, the gossip magazine contends, "She's mad as hell and she's not going to take it anymore! Fed up with Kanye West's manic mood swings and crazed behavior, Kim Kardashian is ready to call it quits on their long-troubled marriage."

A so-called "insider" deems West a "total train wreck" and alleges that Kardashian "tried to hang in there, but she just can't take it anymore." With the rapper's "explosive temper," the outlet suggests the reality star "may have to brace herself for a bruising battle over their $310 million fortune" and custody of their children. "This is going to be a very nasty divorce. It will be all-out war," predicts the supposed snitch.

It's alleged that West's breakdown a year ago was the "beginning of the end," but that "Kim's misery has only been made worse by Kanye's recent behavior." He's accused of acting "manic" and possibly being "off his meds." The front of the issue teases a "dramatic last straw," which in the actual article is merely the "insider" guessing about West's supposedly extensive time away from their home, "I think that was the last straw for her." As further evidence of marital trouble, the publication regurgitates untrue claims from its sister outlet, RadarOnline, about Kardashian being "unhappy" at her birthday party in October.

Unsurprisingly, despite proclaiming a "divorce announcement" on its cover, buried in the story is this flip-flopping contention: "Kim isn't ready to file divorce papers just yet." The tabloid then repeats another debunked RadarOnline claim about Kardashian and West having a mid-nuptial agreement. As for where the "$1 billion divorce" figure comes from, the magazine contends that could be the total when "factoring [in] their revenue streams."

And what about that aforementioned fake quote, "I'll raise our surrogate baby alone"? In the piece, it's actually the alleged source speculating, "She would be completely fine raising the baby alone." That has a far different implication than what readers are told on the cover.

Additionally, nowhere in this story does Star acknowledge that it twice falsely claimed that Kardashian and West were getting a $1 billion divorce. So, now when the outlet maintains it has a source asserting "the marriage may be over," there's little to no reason to believe it.

In fact, on the contrary, the couple remains united, with People reporting earlier this week that Kardashian and West both plan to be there when their baby girl is born. So, here's a real announcement: This "$1 billion divorce announcement" is fake, Gossip Cop confirms. To the shock of no one, the cut-and-paste site Celebrity Insider picked up the false report without fact-checking, as did the lemmings at HollywoodLife. We'll be on the look-out for the latter to flip-flop with the "truth" in the coming days.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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