Kim Kardashian was not "taunting" Taylor Swift when she "liked" a Selena Gomez photo on Instagram, despite a ridiculously speculative claim. The allegation is absurd, which means it fits right in line with some of this webloid's previous stories about Kardashian and Swift. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

In late August, HollywoodLife started alleging Kardashian and Swift's on-and-off feud was spilling over to social media, with the two stars supposedly competing for Instagram followers. The site actually suggested Kardashian purposely posted a bikini photo on Instagram in an attempt to get more followers than Swift. It was a completely inane, unsubstantiated contention. Now the blog is again alleging Kardashian is using the platform to make a strike against Swift.

"Kim Kardashian Liked Selena Gomez's Blonde Makeover: Taunting Taylor Swift By Liking BFF's Pic?" the outlet asks in a headline on Monday, further wondering, "Why's she hanging around her nemesis' best friend's Instagram?" The online publication writes, "It can't be a coincidence that Kim's liking a photo posted by Taylor Swift's good friend. Kim and Selena don't really have a relationship (as far as we know) so it's a little random that she'd be following her on Instagram. Was this a little shot at her nemesis, Taylor?"

HollywoodLies, as its nicknamed, apparently didn't consider the opposite possibility. Why couldn't Kardashian's liking of Swift's best friend's photo be construed as an olive branch? The truth is, the act was neither a peace offering nor a taunt. There is no meaning to Kardashian "liking" Gomez's picture, one of the least aggressive actions one can take on social media, beyond the fact that the reality star, quite literally, liked the Instagram photo of Gomez's new hair color. To theorize that Kardashian only "liked" Gomez's snapshot as some kind of way to diss her "BFF" is just nonsensical.

Of course, no reliable outlet made such a similar claim. But HollywoodLies went there because it likes pitting Swift and Kardashian against each other whenever possible, no matter how flimsy the foundation. The premise here could not be shakier, which is why the webloid has no real reporting to back it up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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