Kim Cattrall Reconsidering ‘Sex And The City 3’?

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Kim Cattrall Sex and the City 3

By Andrew Shuster |

Kim Cattrall Sex and the City 3

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Is Kim Cattrall reconsidering Sex and the City 3 after refusing to sign on for a third movie in the franchise? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we can set the record straight.

Following a feud with Sarah Jessica Parker and salary disputes, Cattrall has been adamant about not wanting to appear in another Sex and the City sequel. According to the National Enquirer, however, the actress may be having a change of heart. A supposed source tells the magazine, “Playing Samantha Jones changed Kim’s life. It made her more famous than she could have ever imagined, and also made her very rich.” The alleged insider adds, “The checks are still coming in from the films and TV show. Never say never when it comes to making another film.”

It was already widely reported that Cattrall rejected Sex and the City 3 over issues with the script and pay disparities. E! News, a much more reliable celebrity news outlet than the Enquirer, recently reported, “Kim never wanted to really do the movie to begin with. It was a combination of not great money and a bad storyline for Samantha.” The idea that Cattrall would sign on for the project just for the money doesn’t make much sense, considering it doesn’t appear the actress found the prospective paycheck all that enticing.

Last November, Cattrall refused to appear on the pop culture podcast “Origins” to discuss the franchise. Nearly every cast member of Sex and the City, as well as the show’s creators and producers, sat down to talk about the TV series and the films. Cattrall, however, turned down the interview and said through a rep that she’s “already said everything she wants to say about Sex and the City.” Considering that the actress won’t even discuss the show on a podcast, it seems highly unlikely she’s considering making a third movie.

Additionally, the tabloid’s report is based on claims from an anonymous and untraceable “source,” but Gossip Cop reached out to Cattrall’s spokesperson, who tells us on the record that it’s false. The actress’s rep, who’s qualified to speak on her behalf, tells us in no uncertain terms that Cattrall “is not doing [Sex and the City 3].”

It’s worth noting, this wouldn’t be the first time the Enquirer has made up a bogus story about a third movie in the franchise. Gossip Cop previously busted the magazine for falsely claiming that Sex and the City 3 was being made without Cattrall, who’s character would be killed off in the film. That obviously never happened. This latest article surrounding the proposed sequel is equally baseless.


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