Kiki Nyemchek “So You Think You Can Dance” Video – Watch Top 4 Finale Performances!

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Kiki Nyemchek SYTYCD Finale

By Shari Weiss |

Kiki Nyemchek SYTYCD Finale


Kiki Nyemchek had to perform more than five different times during the “So You Think You Can Dance” performance finale on Monday. Watch the videos below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Nyemchek’s journey on the FOX competition has been a mostly upward trajectory. He was far from the greatest dancer at the season 14 Dance Academy, and All-Star Jenna Johnson faced an online backlash when she chose him to be her partner for the live shows. She was accused of only giving the Latin ballroom dancer a spot in the Top 10 because they already knew each other, and the pro lashed out at critics on Twitter. It certainly didn’t help that head judge Nigel Lythgoe criticized their first routine, suggesting Johnson outshined her contestant.

But the following week, the pair had a huge comeback and shut the naysayers up with a hip-hop performance that had Lythgoe acknowledging, “Tonight, you have shown them the reason why they kept you.” Mary Murphy also admitted, “I am not worried anymore. Kiki, this was a game-changer for you tonight.” Nyemchek and Johnson went on to get a standing ovation for a contemporary performance, dazzle with a you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it pop art number and show mastery with props for a Broadway routine. Lythgoe repeatedly praised the contender for his growth throughout the competition, and pointed out that he was “keeping up with one of the best dancers we’ve ever had.”

Most recently, on last week’s episode, Nyemchek and Johnson wowed with a jazz performance set to “Proud Mary.” Murphy told the aspiring star, “You’ve learned everything that’s been thrown at you. You deserve every accolade that’s been bestowed. And here, finally, is your return.” But it ain’t over yet. Nyemchek, who was actually in the Bottom Three two weeks ago in spite of the judges’ praise, still needed to win key votes tonight.

During the two hours, Nyemchek first performed with all of the contestants and All-Stars, before doing a dance with his fellow Top 4 finalists: Koine Iwasaki, Lex Ishimoto and Taylor Sieve. Afterward, he and Sieve did a cha-cha, which is actually the same style he did back in week one. Murphy praised Nyemcheck for “absolutely killing it,” and Lythgoe said he “commanded” the stage. Together, said Vanessa Hudgens, they were “fire.” Next, Nyemchek reunited with Johnson to re-do their contemporary number, which he found to be the most challenging. Their reprise earned a standing ovation, and Johnson broke down in tears. “I’m just so sad, because I love dancing with him,” she said as their journey neared its end.

Hudgens was actually wiping away tears, too, and said, “It’s even better the second time around.” Murphy was also emotional, similarly saying, “It got me the second time around even.” Lythgoe admitted he was “shocked” Nyemchek chose this as his favorite routine, but called his connection with Johnson “magnetic.” Exclaimed Hudgens, “It’s love!” Nyemchek returned to the stage a short time later for a solo, and then did a hip-hop routine with Ishimoto. Following a standing ovation, Hudgens exclaimed, “Wow!” Murphy suggested either guy will ultimately win the competition, and Lythgoe, noting his rocky beginning, told Nyemchek, “You haven’t just bloomed, you’ve blossomed. In fact, you’ve sprouted… You’re a different dancer than when you came to us.”

Lastly, Travis Wall choreographed a contemporary duet for Nyemchek and Iwasaki, set to “Both Sides Now.” Hudgens said afterward, “That broke my heart. It really did… It was just very impactful and it really affected me, and I think when dance can do that, it’s a very powerful thing.” Murphy said the pair had a “heart to heart,” and all the passion from their heart “landed on mine.” Check out the videos below!

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