Kiki Nyemchek, Jenna Johnson “So You Think You Can Dance” Video – Watch Pop Art Jazz Performance

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Kiki Nyemcheck Jenna Johnson SYTYCD Jazz

By Shari Weiss |

Kiki Nyemcheck Jenna Johnson SYTYCD Jazz


Kiki Nyemcheck and Jenna Johnson brought pop art to life with a must-see jazz routine on “So You Think You Can Dance” on Monday. Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Nyemchek is in the running to become “America’s Favorite Dancer” for season 14 of “So You Think You Can Dance,” with Johnson as his All-Star partner. They had a bumpy start with an online backlash that slammed the pro for choosing him over another dancer, a firestorm that was only worsened when they received criticism following the first live dance. But since then, the pair has been on an upswing and should be considered among 2017’s frontrunners.

That was quite evident last week when all of the judges gave Nyemchek and Johnson a standing ovation for their contemporary routine. An emotional Mary Murphy told the contestant, “That was the best male ballroom dancer doing contemporary that I’ve ever seen on this show.” Nigel Lythgoe further declared to Nyemchek, “You were a star tonight.”

Now for the next round of the FOX competition, he and Johnson were randomly assigned jazz, with choreography from Travis Wall. “Travis is a big name. I don’t want to disappoint,” Nyemcheck said, admitting he has no experience with style. In rehearsals, Wall explained that they’d be acting out a cat-and-mouse chase over a check. The visual was greatly helped by a pop-art aesthetic that is better seen than described.

Hudgens started out by praising Wall and Johnson, even telling the pro, “You do something to me that no one else does.” Nyemchek, she said, is “so lucky to have her.” The actress-singer-dancer went on to commend the contestant’s growth, as well as the “sinister” and “animalistic” side he showed in the performance. Said Murphy, “There was some crazy moments in that routine. I love all that stop-start movement. It was so different to see that from Travis.” She further told Nyemchek, “You keep blowing our minds every week… You are emerging as a star.”

“It was just, I think, so memorable a routine,” stated Lythgoe. And with Nyemcheck’s moves matching Johnson’s every step of the way, he pointed, out, “That means, young man, that you are keeping up with one of the best dancers we’ve ever had on ‘So You Think You Can Dance.'” Check out the video below!

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