Kiki Nyemchek, Jenna Johnson “So You Think You Can Dance” Video – Watch Hip-Hop Performance!

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Kiki Jenna Johnson SYTYCD Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kiki Jenna Johnson SYTYCD Video


Kiki Nyemchek and Jenna Johnson performed on Monday’s “So You Think You Can Dance” amid behind-the-scenes controversy and fan backlash. Check out the video below.

Nyemchek, a Latin ballroom dancer with a significant amount of training, joined All-Star Johnson’s team during the “So You Think You Can Dance” call-backs. She initially had four contestants on her squad, but had to narrow it down to just one partner for the live shows. As seen on last week’s episode, Johnson chose put Nyemchek through to the Top 10 over krumper Konkrete.

While their first live performance showed off their chemistry, it also received criticism from head judge Nigel Lythgoe, who thought Johnson out-danced Nyemchek. The All-Star was warned about letting her contestant partner shine, while he was urged to step up his game. But that was only the start of the firestorm. Following the episode, Johnson was called out repeatedly on social media for picking Nyemchek over Konkrete.

Because she and Nyemchek knew each other prior to the start of season 14, she was accused of favoritism. Some also suggested Johnson only selected him because he had a shared dance history with her boyfriend, Val Chmerkovskiy. As the week continued, the firestorm only grew, leading Johnson to tweet on Sunday in response to a fan’s negative reaction, “It also wasn’t YOUR choice. I chose who I could best ‘mentor’ through the competition. Was I going to do krump week 1? Absolutely not.”

“That would have made not only ME look horrible but konkrete as well. People need to think with their heads a bit before being SO QUICK TO JUDGE!! I chose Kiki cause he is a STAR, NEVER gave ANY attitude and I wanted to see him go through this journey with me by his side,” she continued, adding, “This is literally the LAST comment I wanna read about this. If you’re a fan then stick by my side, if not… please unfollow.”

So, with all that drama, Nyemchek and Johnson had to take the stage tonight for their second live performance. And this time, they had to leave their comfort zones by doing a hip-hop routine choreographed by Luther Brown. He imagined the pair playing villains, and Nyemchek was determined to get “redemption” after struggling with the style during the Dance Academy. With looks seemingly inspired by the Joker in Suicide Squad, the pair danced to Amine’s rap track “Caroline.”

Lythgoe admitted afterwards that he was surprised the All-Stars kept Nyemchek in contention after the hip-hop round at the Academy. But after this performance, “Tonight, you have shown them the reason why they kept you,” declared the head judge. He also said to Johnson, “Jenna, is there anything you’re not good at?” Vanessa Hudgens exclaimed, “That was lit! It was lit! It totally was. You completely crushed it… I just loved it.”

And Mary Murphy said, “I am not worried anymore. Kiki, this was a game-changer for you tonight!” She went on to gush, “You came into tonight on that stage and you got it! I don’t even know who you are anymore! This is crazy!” Watch the video below!

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