Kids Do Donald Trump Impressions On “Tonight Show” – WATCH VIDEO!

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Kids Impressions Donald Trump Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kids Impressions Donald Trump Video


Jimmy Fallon isn’t the only one who can do a spot-on impression of Donald Trump. On Friday’s “Tonight Show,” a group of kids hilariously impersonated the presidential candidate. Watch below!

Last week, Fallon asked viewers to send in videos of their children mimicking Trump. The host now laughed as he revealed they received “so many submissions.” The very best, though, were cut into one very funny montage.

The clip actually started off with footage of the real Trump saying, “We have to start by building a wall — a big, beautiful, powerful wall.” It then cut to kids to saying versions of those lines. Taking on Trump’s distinct voice, quite a few also included his “yuge” catchphrase.

Some were adorable, some were actually a bit frightening, and one even tried to replicate the hair (see photo above). The best might have been the brother-sister duo playing Trump and his wife Melania, with the little girl actually blowing her “husband” a kiss. And the cutest was easily the little toddler, wearing pajamas in bed, announcing his name as “Donald Trunk.”

The amusing segment came just one night after Fallon once again did his own Trump impersonation. As Gossip Cop reported, he did a sketch in which “Trump” called up GOP opponent Ted Cruz, who appeared on Thursday’s “Tonight Show.” Check out the full “Kid Impressions: Donald Trump Edition” video below!


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