Site Questions Khloe Kardashian’s “Baby Bump” After Weeks Of “Exclusive” Pregnancy Details

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Khloe Kardashian Baby Bump

By Andrew Shuster |

Khloe Kardashian Baby Bump


HollywoodLife is questioning Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy after weeks of publishing reports with “exclusive details” about her being pregnant. With its latest story, the untrustworthy site has exposed itself for having no insiders or insight into the situation.

On Thursday, Kardashian announced she’s collaborating with DIFF Eyewear for her first-ever sunglasses collection. She broke the news by posting an Instagram video of herself modeling various styles of shades, and at one point in the promo, the pregnant reality star can be seen in a swimsuit without a visible baby bump. HollywoodLife, which has pretended to know many private details surrounding Kardashian’s pregnancy, now asks in a new article, “Is Khloe Kardashian pregnant or not?” Of course, if any of the site’s past stories about the situation were true, it would know the answer to that question.

For example, HollywoodLife recently claimed it spoke to a source who “exclusively” revealed that Kardashian feels “sexier” with “plumped up pregnancy lips and breasts.” Shortly before that, the site alleged it knew all the intimate details about Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s sex life during her pregnancy. And prior to that, the outlet offered an “exclusive” rundown of Kardashian’s “pregnancy cravings.” These are just a few of HollywoodLife’s many so-called “exclusives” on the subject.

On Friday, however, the outlet noted that Kardashian’s stomach appears to be flat in her new DIFF Eyewear ad, then added, “This raises so many questions — specifically, is she pregnant or not?” The outlet then speculates the filmmakers behind the commercial could have used “digital trickery” or “amazing camera work to hide her reported bump.” This begs the questions: why does the reality star all of a sudden only have a “reported bump,” and wouldn’t the webloid’s “insiders” know if any camera “trickery” was used in her promo shoot?

Since HollywoodLife has “so many questions,” allow Gossip Cop to answer. Kardashian’s DIFF promo was filmed back in September, prior to the announcement of her pregnancy. The reality star shared an Instagram photo of herself in a swimsuit on the set. Although it’s not entirely clear when Kardashian became pregnant, several reports indicate she’s due next year, so she would have been in her first trimester back in September. Baby bumps don’t typically emerge for around 12 to 16 weeks into a woman’s pregnancy.

Simply put, Kardashian is most certainly expecting a child, despite HollywoodLife questioning a pregnancy it’s repeatedly claimed to know so much about. Watch the reality star’s DIFF ad below.

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