Khloe Kardashian Gives Lamar Odom Update On ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ (VIDEO)

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Khloe Kardashian Update Lamar Odom Ellen Video

By Shari Weiss |

Khloe Kardashian Update Lamar Odom Ellen Video

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Khloe Kardashian gives an update on Lamar Odom on Monday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Watch below.

Kardashian taped the episode on Friday, before heading to San Diego for a book signing. Strong Looks Better Naked was actually the reason she was on DeGeneres’ show. But the host, of course, couldn’t not ask about Odom.

The appearance comes about a month after Odom was first hospitalized, and Kardashian reveals he doesn’t know the sordid reason he’s there. “We tell him he had a brain injury. We can’t tell him how that brain injury was caused, ’cause it’ll set him back,” she admits. The star insists, though, that he’s “never asked.”

“He’s really confused a lot, so we have to remind him,” explains Kardashian. “Every day’s different. Sometimes he knows who the president is or his birthday, and then other times he thinks he’s 26. I say, ‘I bet you wish you were 26! So do I!'”

Kardashian receives applause when she says it would’ve been “insensitive” to “fast-forward” their divorce, given the circumstances, adding, “I love him and I always will.” The reality star notes, “He deserves support and love and for someone to be by his side. For me, I’m that to him.”

Referring to James Harden, Kardashian acknowledges, “I have a great boyfriend that’s understanding. It’s definitely a unique situation to say the least.” She jokes that she’s on her way to becoming a polygamist, and shares a sweet story of Odom managing to laugh while watching DeGeneres’ show in his hospital room.

As for Odom’s recovery, Kardashian notes, “He’s learning how to walk again, feed himself again, and put sentences together. Cognitively, it’s a lot. There’s a long, long road ahead.” Check out the full video below.


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