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Khloe Kardashian is not urging Tristan Thompson to propose, despite new reports. Gossip Cop can bust these stories. We can also explain how the untrue narrative came about.

The new issue of In Touch features the headline, "Khloe To Tristan: Marry Me Or It's Over!" In the wake of Thompson's cheating scandal, the tabloid contends Kardashian has told him "to propose or get lost." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Khloe never learns from her mistakes. She forgave Lamar [Odom] for cheating, and now she's doing the same thing with Tristan."

"She thinks marriage will be the answer to their problems, even though it's clear she can never trust him again," claims the magazine's supposed snitch. The unnamed and possibly made-up tipster adds, "Friends can't believe she would consider giving him a second chance, let alone marry him." The outlet further asserts that "if they do tie the knot," Kardashian's family "won't be happy about it."

But the publication never says just when Kardashian supposedly issued this ultimatum, nor does it provide how Thompson reacted to the alleged threat. And nothing is mentioned about how soon the new parents could end up walking down the aisle. These red flags didn't stop HollywoodLife from picking up and regurgitating the claims online. Without bothering to fact-check the contentions, the site maintains Kardashian is "going all-in on her relationship with her baby daddy" and is "convinced marriage will fix [the] relationship."

Had the blog done some research, it would've learned that this narrative has already been debunked... twice. It was first falsely claimed by Heat last week that Kardashian was pushing Thompson to propose. Then earlier this week, NW was late and wrong when it similarly alleged Kardashian was ready to marry Thompson to save their relationship. Now In Touch is peddling its own version of this bogus storyline, and HollywoodLies, as the website is known, has blindly copied it.

But there's still no merit to any of it. Far from wanting to wed Thompson, the reality star isn't even sure if she'll stay in a romance with him. On Wednesday, E! Online reported that Kardashian feels like she's in her own "personal hell," and stressed that Thompson is "trying to keep Khloe happy and make their relationship work, but she thinks it's too far done." As opposed to looking toward a future in which they're married, it was noted Kardashian is "taking it one day at a time with Tristan."

Additionally, while People is reporting Kardashian is "staying in Cleveland" for now and "creating a life for her family" there, the credible magazine makes no mention of marriage being on the table. Such claims are only coming from disreputable tabloids without confirmation from any reliable outlets.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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