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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are not "planning a $2 million wedding," contrary to reports. Gossip Cop can debunk the untrue stories. Though happily together as they await the birth of their daughter, the couple still has no plans to marry.

The suspicious claims originate in this week's issue of In Touch, but are being spread online by sister outlet Life & Style, as well as copy-and-paste site HollywoodLife. According to the narrative, Mindy Weiss is already overseeing the nuptials, after orchestrating Kardashian's recent baby shower. Though she and Thompson aren't even engaged, the purported bride-to-be is described as "ready to go all-out" for the supposed wedding. "She and Mindy are already going over mood boards and talking about Khloe's vision," claims a so-called "insider."

It's alleged Kardashian wants to hold the wedding at a "private estate in Bel-Air" with "about 150 people" in attendance. She's said to be envisioning a "daring dress," with the supposed snitch speculating, "Something short in champagne or off-white since it's her second wedding." Other purported details include plans for brother-in-law Kanye West to perform, as well as for celebrity florist Jeff Leatham to handle the flowers.

While all of these assertions are being presented as fact, they're actually just reasonable guesses. Given that Kardashian just enlisted Weiss' help for her baby shower, it stands to reason that the famous event planner, who regularly organizes A-list weddings, will likely be involved when Kardashian ties the knot. Similarly, not only is Leatham a close friend of Kris Jenner's, but he provided flowers for the shower, too. It's not exactly a revelation to suggest he'd handle floral arrangements for a Kardashian wedding. Nor is it a stretch to claim West could hop on the mic, as he often does at family events.

Even the notion that Kardashian is using "mood boards" comes off more like a plausible assumption than genuine insight. The Kardashian-Jenners frequently use mood boards to guide various projects, and it isn't uncommon for women to start collecting wedding ideas long before they actually wed. As for the event taking place at a private estate, Kardashian also chose to use a home as the setting for her nuptials with Lamar Odom.

On top of all of these claims seeming made-up based on readily available information, there's a huge red flag: In Touch alleges the wedding won't take place until the summer of 2019, more than a year from now. While it's not irrational to start planning this far in advance, typically when a tabloid makes a claim about something happening in the far-off future, it's because such an event really isn't in the works and the magazine is hoping readers have long forgotten about it by the time the date actually rolls around.

And, considering these outlets fill their pages by manufacturing tales of weddings, breakups and babies, Gossip Cop fully expects the publication to run future stories about how the wedding is "off" or in "jeopardy" in the months to come. It's all designed to seem like a never-ending soap opera. After all, it was just a month ago that this same tabloid insisted Kardashian had been "betrayed" by Thompson and that she was planning to raise their baby "alone." Curiously, none of those contentions appear in this new piece.

It's also worth remembering that in January Kardashian herself said she's "not in a rush" to get married. It makes no sense, then, to allege she's already knee-deep in planning a wedding for 15 months from now. With the reality star set to give birth in just a few weeks, motherhood is where her focus is and where it will remain for the foreseeable future. Gossip Cop confirmed with a confidante on the condition of anonymity that Kardashian is currently "nesting" in Cleveland, not preparing to tie the knot all the way in 2019. In fact, People has reported that Kardashian is a "bit bored" as she waits to officially become a mom. Clearly she's not spending her days wedding planning.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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