Khloe Kardashian Slammed For Wearing Niqāb In “Habibi Love” Instagram Photo

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Khloe Kardashian Niqab Photo Controversy

By Shari Weiss |

Khloe Kardashian Niqab Photo Controversy


Khloe Kardashian is getting slammed on social media for posting a photo in which she’s wearing a niqāb. See right and below.

Kardashian posted the picture on Instagram on Tuesday, writing, “Habibi Love.” “Habibi” is a term sometimes used as an endearment for another person. The snapshot was taken in Dubai, where women traditionally cover their faces.

But many critics are accusing Kardashian of donning the garment as a fashion statement, as opposed to wanting to show respect for local religious customs. One commenter wrote, “Being someone who’s been ridiculed and condemned for wearing something significant to their culture/religion and then seeing some white girl turn it into a ‘edgy’ fashion trend is not the easiest thing to take in.”

Another person wrote, “Women getting killed and beaten up for wearing the niqāb, but you keep pretending it’s a fashion accessory, the disrespect.” A different follower said, “Have never been more offended in my whole entire life. My sister wears the niqāb and she gets vilified daily. you can wear it and it gets sexualized and praised. i am deeply offended and was a fan of yours, i am disgusted.”

“Stupid how the world works, as soon as a celeb wears the niqāb it is accepted by society and when a normal muslim women does it shes a terrorist and she is oppressed,” observed yet another commenter. Posted someone else, “CULTURAL APPROPRIATION TO THE FULLEST BRUH. Other women get killed for wearing this, but when she does it its ‘fashion’ ???????? BYE.”

Still another said, “So when my family wears those, they get triple checked when we go to the airport and are pulled over 10x more on the road, but when a white celebrity wears it, it’s a fashion statement.” And though Kardashian was wearing the head scarf in Dubai, one person wrote to her, “try wearing that whole outfit in the US and you will feel what every Muslim girl that wears the hijab feels. And just to make it clear cuz I know u don’t have the guts to wear it but you will have all eyes on you and they will be judgmental eyes.”

Kardashian had some defenders, though, including one who posted that the star looks “amazing.” Said another, “I don’t get how this can be offensive to anyone.” A different person wrote, “Oh so she’s in dubia [sic] then … so she’s respecting the culture there … if that’s soo well that’s cool.” And someone else remarked, “It’s cute. she’s not saying anything offensive she simpily [sic] enjoying Muslim religion? I guess! So don’t give her hate she doesn’t deserve it.”

Another even wrote to Kardashian, “it’s like people live to be giant douches to you. I’m about to make a “LEAVE KHLOE ALONE VIDEO”. Staaahp trolling people and if you don’t like it why are you following her? SMH.” And one passionate defense came from a Muslim woman, who was outraged by the negative comments. She wrote:

“Im actually so surprised at these comments? When a white girl does it its cute? Its accepted when it comes to Khloe but not an actually muslim? So is that khloe’s fault? Do you people realize that youre bringing down other people in your attempt to defend something that was never in any means offensive to anyone? No matter what the case is, if a person want to wear something, they can wear it. Period. Muslim women can wear whatever they want. Khloe can wear whatever she wants. YOU can wear whatever you want. How is the discrimination of muslim women in the hands of this girl just posting a picture that she likes? She is not trying to be offensive, clearly. As a muslim myself I am disgusted with these comments. Its completely hypocritical to shame a person for what they wear and advocating that shaming muslim women is wrong. Of course its wrong. Shaming ANYBODY for what their wearing is wrong. How different does it make you when you shame a human being like her for what she wears? If you want to end the cycle of shaming and discrimination then stop being a part of it.”

In addition to the photo, Kardashian’s hair stylist also posted a video of them wearing traditional garb at the mall. Interestingly, the incident comes just a few days after Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner was ripped on Instagram for changing the title of Kanye West’s “N**gas in Paris” to “Great People in Paris.” What do you think of this latest controversy?

Khloe Kardashian Niqab Picture


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